Fall Calendar 2014

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Enrollment Calendar

The Official Publication of the Office of the Registrar.  All deadlines listed below apply to regular 16 week classes only.

Deadlines are pro-rated for non-16 week classes. 

August 2014
8/16/2014Financial Aid Disburses 
8/18/2014Begin Financial Aid Refunds 
8/18/2014Payment deadline for students enrolled between 3/24-8/17
8/19/2014Unpaid students are placed in payment plan
8/25/2014First day of Term
8/25/2014$50 late enrollment fee in effect  
September 2014
9/1/2014Labor Day – University Closed
9/4/2014Last day to Add a class (without having to file a petition and pay a $25 late add fee)
9/4/2014Last day to Drop/Delete a class (without class appearing on students’ transcripts)
9/4/2014Last day to change Audit to Credit or Credit to Audit
9/5/2014Last day to submit residency reclassification petition
9/5/2014Drop with a “W” in effect (class will appear on students’ transcripts with a “W” where grade is reported)
9/5/2014Petition to Add a class and $25 late add fee in effect
9/8/2014Last day to drop with 100% tuition refund for M16 session classes ONLY.  
9/15/2014Administrative Drop deadline and 21st day enrollment count
9/15/2014Open enrollment begins for Winter 2014
9/16/2014Census $100 Add fee for M16 session classes in effect
9/26/2014Last day to file for A-Pass/Fail
October 2014
10/3/2014Last day to submit residency reclassification appeal
10/6-10/24Submission of mid-term grades
10/24/2014Course withdrawal deadline
10/25/2014Petition required to withdraw from an individual course and $25 late processing fee in effect
10/27/2014Early Enrollment for Spring 2015 begins (continuing students only)
November 2014
11/1 – 11/30Early Enrollment for Spring 2015 continues (continuing students only)
11/11/2014Veteran’s Day – University Closed
11/17/2014First day to submit residency petition for Spring 2015
11/24/2014Open enrollment begins for Spring 2015
11/27 - 11/28Thanksgiving – University Closed 
11/28/2014Last day to officially withdraw from all M16 classes in the Fall 2014 term 
December 2014
12/1/2014Last day to submit Spring 2015 Graduation Application to be included in Commencement Booklet
12/1– 12/5End of Term Week (Reading Week) 
12/5/2014Instruction ends
12/8-12/11 Finals 
12/12/2014Last day to submit Fall 2014 Undergraduate Graduation Application
12/12/2014Degree Conferral Date
12/15 - 1/9/15     Winter Term: See www.nau.edu/winter for important dates and class schedule.
12/25-1/1/15   WINTER BREAK (University Closed)

NAU reserves the right to make changes to the University calendar.

Session Deadlines

Dynamically Dated classes DO NOT follow this schedule.  Please call the Enrollment department for more information, 928-523-5490.

Fall 2014  Mountain Campus
16 week
1st 5 week
2nd 5 week
3rd 5 week
1st 8 week
2nd 8 week
First Day of Session8/25/20148/25/20149/29/201411/3/20148/25/201410/20/2014
Last Day for 100% Refund9/8/20149/1/201410/6/201411/10/20149/8/201411/3/2014
Last Day to Add9/4/20148/27/201410/1/201411/5/20148/29/201410/24/2014
Last Day to Drop/Delete (without "W")9/4/20139/2/201410/6/201411/10/20149/8/201410/31/2014
Last Day to Drop with "W"10/24/20149/14/201410/16/201411/21/20149/25/201411/20/2014
Last Day to Withdraw from Session11/28/20149/23/201410/28/201412/2/201410/11/201412/6/2014
Last Day of Session12/12/20149/26/201410/31/201412/5/201410/17/201412/12/2014
Fall 2014 Statewide Sessions
16 week
12 week
10 week
1st 8 week
2nd 8 week
First Day of Session8/25/20148/25/20148/25/20148/25/201410/20/2014
Last Day for 100% Refund9/8/20149/8/20149/8/20149/8/201411/3/2014
Last Day to Add9/4/20149/4/20149/2/20148/29/201410/24/2014
Last Day to Drop/Delete (without "W")9/4/20149/15/20149/11/20149/8/201410/31/2014
Last Day to Drop with "W"10/24/201410/10/201410/2/20149/25/201411/20/2014
Last Day to Withdraw from Session11/28/201411/6/201410/25/201410/11/201412/6/2014
Last Day of Session12/12/201411/16/201411/2/201410/17/201412/12/2014
Early Enrollment Appointments
3/24/20147:00 AMGRADUATE (46+)
3/24/20149:00 AMGRADUATE (37-45)
3/24/201411:00 AMGRADUATE (20-36)
3/24/20141:00 PMGRADUATE (0-19)
3/25/20147:00 AMPOST-BACC
3/26/201411:00 AMSENIOR (116+)
3/27/20147:00 AMSENIOR (105-115)
3/27/20141:00 PMSENIOR (98-104)
3/28/20147:00 AMSENIOR (90-97)
3/28/20141:00 PMJUNIOR (83-89)
3/31/20147:00 AMJUNIOR (75-82)
3/31/20141:00 PMJUNIOR (68-74)
4/1/20147:00 AMJUNIOR (60-67)
4/7/20147:00 AMSOPHOMORE (53-59)
4/7/20141:00 PMSOPHOMORE (45-52)
4/8/20147:00 AMSOPHOMORE (38-44)
4/8/20141:00 PMSOPHOMORE (30-37)
4/9/20147:00 AMFRESHMEN (20-29)
4/9/20141:00 PMFRESHMEN (10-19)
4/10/20147:00 AMFRESHMEN (1-9)
4/11/20147:00AMFRESHMEN (0-.99)

Early Enrollment Appointments are reserved for continuing students only.  Students beginning their career at NAU in the Fall 2014 term will be able to begin enrolling during Open Enrollment, which begins April 18, 2014.
Final Exam Schedule

Exam Time:


December 8


December 9


December 10


December 11

7:30 am-9:30 am

All 8:00 am MWF classes

All 9:35 am TTH classes

All 9:10 am MWF classes

All 8:00 am TTH classes

10:00 am-12:00 pm

All 10:20 am MWF classes

All ACC 255/256 and CHM 130/151/152 classes

All 11:30 am MWF classes

All 11:10 am TTH classes

12:30 pm-2:30 pm

All 12:40 pm MWF classes


All 12:45 pm MW classes


*All 12:45 pm Friday and Saturday only classes

All 12:45 pm TTH classes


All 1:50 pm 4 day combination M-F

All 2:20 pm MW classes


All 1:00 pm Friday only classes


*All 2:20 pm Friday classes

All 2:20 pm TTH classes


All 3:00 pm 4 day combination M-F classes

3:00 pm-5:00 pm

All 4:00 pm MWF classes
All 4:00 or 4:30 pm Monday only classes

All 4:00 pm TTH classes
All 4:00 or 4:30 pm Tuesday only classes


*All 4:00 or 4:30 pm Thursday only classes

All 4:00 or 4:30 pm Wednesday only classes


All 4:10 pm 4 day combination M-F classes


5:30 pm-7:30 pm

**All 5:00, 5:30, or 6:00 pm classes will take their final exam on the first regular meeting day of the week


8:00 pm-10:00 pm

**All 6:30, 7:00, or 7:30 pm classes will take their final exam on the first regular meeting day of the week



If class meeting times do not fit within the standard meeting times and the published final examination schedule, the instructor will need to evaluate the schedule and determine which examination time will prevent or reduce conflicts for students. The instructor must then poll the class to find out whether there is an actual conflict. If insurmountable problems are encountered, the instructor must contact the department chair or, if necessary, the dean. Schedule of Classes is also available to provide assistance, 523-1751, Registrar.ScheduleofClasses@nau.edu.

*There is minimal potential for conflicts. If the class you are teaching has one asterisk in front of it, please poll the class and follow the process in the paragraph above.

**Single night 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm Friday classes will need to follow the process in the paragraph above since no finals are scheduled on Friday.  

Grading Schedule


Fall Classes Ending on or before 10/19/14

Fall Classes Ending Between 10/19/14 - 12/12/14

Winter Term 12/15/14 - 1/9/15

Session Codes

M5A, M8A, S8A, DD1

M8B, M5B, M5C, M16, S8B, S10, S12, S16, DD2


Midterm Grade Submission


9/29 - 10/17
(M16 & S16 Sessions)


Last Day for Enrollment Processing

Oct 16

Nov 26

Jan 7

Generate Final Grade Rosters

Oct 17

Dec 1

Jan 8

Faculty Begin Grade Entry

Oct 17

Dec 1

Jan 8

Grades Due at 11:59 pm AZ Time

Oct 23

Dec 18

Jan 15

Grades Post to Student Transcripts

Oct 24

Dec 19

Jan 16

Grades Finalized

Oct 27

Dec 23

Jan 16

Class Schedule Maintenance (for Academic Departments)
Academic departments should visit our Schedule of Classes Maintenance page for important dates, deadlines, and resources.