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Forms 470Unless otherwise noted, all forms are compatible with both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Microsoft Word, then visit Adobe and download Acrobat Reader for free.

Please note that not all forms are designed to be completed from the browser screen, but rather, completed after they are printed.

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Petition to Change Residency Status Forms

Residency Forms (Graduate students may submit petitions prior to the first day of submission)
First day to submit residency petitions for Fall 2016 - Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Last day to submit residency petitions for Fall 2016 - Friday, September 9, 2016
Last day to file residency reclassification appeal for Fall 2016 (if residency petition was denied) - Friday, October 7, 2016
Arizona Domicile Affidavit (Fall 2016)
Designated for students financially dependent on parents whose residency is in Arizona.
Arizona Domicile Affidavit (Spring 2017)WordPDF
Arizona High School Graduate 150 % Tuition Application (Fall 2016)
Designated for Undergraduate students who graduated from an Arizona High School, but are otherwise eligible for resident tuition status.
Word     PDF     
Arizona High School Graduate 150% Tuition Application (Spring 2017)WordPDF
DACA Domicile Affidavit (Fall 2016)
Designated for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Students.
DACA Domicile Affidavit (Spring 2017)WordPDF
Change Residency Status Petition (Fall 2016)
Designated for independent students. 
Change Residency Status Petition (Spring 2017)WordPDF
Military Petition to change Residency Status (Fall 2016)
Designated for members of the Armed Forces of the United States
Military Petition to change Residency Status (Spring 2017)WordPDF
Non-Resident Teacher Waiver (Fall 2016)WordPDF
Non-Resident Teacher Waiver (Spring 2017)WordPDF
Spouse is a resident of Arizona (Fall 2016)
Designated for students who have married an Arizona resident.
Spouse is a resident of Arizona (Spring 2017)WordPDF
Company Transfer - Residency Affidavit (Fall 2016)
Designated for students whose spouse/parents have been recently transferred to Arizona by their employer. To be considered a transferred employee, the individual must be employed full-time, benefit eligible, and be transferred to this state for employment purposes. The normal one-year requirement for residency can be waived.
Company Transfer - Residency Affidavit (Spring 2017)WordPDF
WUE DACA Affidavit (Fall 2016)
Designated for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Students from an approved Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), World Wide University (WWU) or Western Regional Graduate Program (WRRP) state who may qualify to receive this tuition rate.
WUE DACA Affidavit (Spring 2017)Word

Changes to Student Information Forms

Address Change

Log onto LOUIE and navigate to Personal Portfolio > Addresses



Change of Name WordPDF
Change of Information - Date of Birth and Gender
To change your social security number, please use this W-9S form.
Change of Major, Minor, or Certificate form WordPDF 


Enrollment & Petition Forms

Application for Readmission (Undergraduate)WordPDFOnline 
Administrative Drop/Add Form   Online
Documentation Requirements
(Lists types of documentation needed for some petitions/appeals.)

Enrollment Add/Drop Request

For immediate processing, log on to LOUIE and add/drop classes in self-service.

Word PDF 

Override Authorization

Complete for class capacity, time conflict, requisites for course, department or instructor consent.

Word PDF 

Override Authorization - Audit/Class Links/Out-of-Career Complete this form if you are doing one of the following:

  1. Auditing a class.
  2. If you want to enroll in one component of a class, i.e., just a lecture of just a lab.
  3. If you are an undergraduate student enrolling in a 500/600 level course, or if you are a graduate student enrolling in a 400 level course for credit.
Word PDF 
Petition to Add After the DeadlineWord PDF 
Petition to Change to A/Pass-Fail After the DeadlineWord PDF 
Petition to Change Drop Date or Term Withdrawal DateWord PDF 
Petition to Change from Audit to Credit After the DeadlineWord PDF 
Petition to Change from Credit to Audit After the DeadlineWord PDF 
Petition to Repeat a Class for the 2nd Time - UndergraduateWord PDF 
Petition to Grade Replace a CWordPDF 
Petition to Withdraw from a Class After the DeadlineWord PDF 
Repeat Enrollment - No CreditWordPDF 
Request for A/Pass-Fail Grading OptionWord PDF 
Request to Waive Late Registration or Petition FeesWord PDF 
Second Time Enrollment Within a TermWord PDF 
Unit Load Override Approval

To carry an overload of more than 19 hours for undergraduate students or 16 hours for graduate students during the fall and spring terms. Overload information for summer and winter sessions can be found on those respective websites.

Word PDF 
Withdrawal from Term

Complete this form when you are dropping all classes during any given term.



General Forms

Excess Credit Hour Petition Form     WordPDFOnline
Graduate Course Repeat FormWord PDF 
Incomplete Contract, UndergraduateWord  PDF 
Incomplete Contract, GraduateWordPDF 
Petition for Academic Renewal WordPDF 
Verification of Enrollment PDF 
Reverse Transfer Opt-In/Opt-Out PDF 
Transcript Request Form PDFOnline 


Graduation Forms

Application for Certificate(s)Word PDF
Change Information on Graduation Application - Undergraduate (Addendum)Word PDF
Change of Expected Graduation DateWord PDF
Diploma Replacement Request Word  PDF
Graduation Requirements Checklist WordPDF
Request to Waive Graduation Application Late FeeWordPDF
Student Request for Non-Published Status in Commencement ProgramWordPDF