Approved Liberal Studies Courses

Approved Liberal Studies courses, including pre- and co-requisites as of a given term, can be easily identified using the Academic Catalog Course Search.

How to find approved Liberal Studies courses:

  1. Open the "Search by Requirement Designation" search menu.
  2. Select a Liberal Studies category from the "University Requirements" drop-down box*.
  3. Select a Term from the "Select a Term" drop-down box.  (Course information can change over time.  Viewing information by term ensures it is accurate for your needs.)
  4. Click on the "Search" button.
A complete list of approved Liberal Studies courses in your selected category will be returned.  To view when a particular course may be offered, click on the course title to view additional details.  Course details also include pre- and co-requisites for the term in question, etc.

Liberal Studies Search
Liberal Studies Search Example

*Liberal Studies requirement categories include:

  • Aesthetic and Humanistic Inquiry
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Foundation Requirement (i.e., English Composition and Mathematics)
  • Junior Writing Requirement
  • Lab Science
  • Science and Applied Science
  • Senior Capstone
  • Social and Political Worlds
Some Liberal Studies courses may also fulfill Northern Arizona University's Global Diversity or U.S. Ethnic Diversity requirements.