Eat right to live better

Improve your quality of life with a balanced diet. Participate in any event this month and earn a Yoga Mat or iTunes Gift Card.  During the month of November, you will learn to:

  • control portion sizes
  • include a variety of fruits, vegetables and heart-healthy foods such as lean meats, fish and nuts in your diet
  • make healthy food choices with the help of Health Promotions and Campus Dining
  • avoid excessive weight gain during the holidays and heightened stressful times of the semester

Tuesday, November 5

6pm                 My Plate & Pilates

Confused by the nutrition information you hear about and see in advertisements and on food labels?  If so, you aren’t alone.  Learn from NAU’s Dietitian about the MyPlate visual guide that provides general recommendations for the types and amounts of foods to be eaten at each meal and participate in a strength, balance and flexibility enhancing Pilates class.  Best of all; enjoy FREE healthy snacks provided by Dining Services.
Location:  Health and Learning Center- Recreation Center (Exercise Suite #1)

Wednesday, November 13

7pm                Stressbusters

NAU Stressbusters busts stress by providing free backrubs and are an excellent wellness resource for you!  Stop by anytime between 7-8pm for your free backrub.

Location: Cowden Hall

Wednesday, November 20

6pm                 Healthy Hydration & Hot Yoga

Bring an empty water bottle to fill with fruit infused water during this event!  You’ll learn about the importance of staying hydrated during your day and workouts- especially a Hot Yoga workout!  During this class you’ll experience a flex-flow yoga practice in a heated and humid room.  This is not Bikram yoga.  The flex-flow practice builds internal heat to prepare the muscles and connective tissues for deeper stretches and facilitates perspiration to cleanse the body and clear the mind.  
Location:  Health and Learning Center- Recreation Center (Exercise Suite #1)