Public Services

Northern Arizona University is required by law to maximize use of all assets and, when it has no further use for them, maximize returns on their sale. We are not allowed to give surplus property away. The primary role of the Surplus Property department is to ensure that the excess property generated by NAU will be handled in a method that both maximizes the return to the University and meets the disposal requirements of the State and Federal governments.

Property no longer needed by the University is sold to the public in one of the following ways:

The purpose of spot sales is to produce a faster turnover of surplus property not required for campus use.

All surplus property is offered exclusively for sale to University Departments for fifteen (15) days. After this time, equipment that has not been reclaimed by the University may be purchased on a "cash and carry" basis by staff, faculty and students of NAU, or by the general public.

Items available for purchase through spot sales include miscellaneous office furniture and equipment, household furniture, and computer systems, parts and supplies. Property is added to our warehouse inventory daily. 
We are also the disposal unit for University lost and found property. Items such as eyeglasses, notebooks, kitchen items, coats, books, and BICYCLES may be purchased for a nominal price.

Please take note the following:

  •  All sales are final.
  •  All vehicles are as-is.
  •  No test drives (sorry NAU policy).
  •  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please call 928-523-4163 for more information


Specialized equipment of considerable value with limited market appeal is generally offered for sale by bid.


The Surplus Property Warehouse is located on central campus on the corner of So. San Francisco St. and Runke Dr. East. Building 47A.