PCA Form

A Property Control Authorization Form is required for all Departmental transfers and transfers to Property Surplus.  Departments are responsible for filling out a PCA before a scheduled pick-up and drop-off.  Items not filled out on the PCA will not be accepted by a Surplus employee.  

Follow these steps to complete a Property Control Authorization (PCA) form: 

  1. Log into the Central Authentication Service (CAS) page to obtain your PCA number.
  2. Verify that your personal information is correct.
  3. Write down your PCA number.  You will record this number at the top of the PCA form.
  4. Fill out PCA form completely, print, then call 523-4163 to schedule a pick-up/drop-off or e-mail your request with the form to Property Surplus.  For departmental transfers, send the completed PCA with both releasing and receiving signatures to NAU Property Administration, PO Box 5629, Flagstaff, AZ 86011.
     See Campus Services for more information. 

Click here to log into the Central Authentication Service (CAS) web page