Parking and Shuttle Services provides and supports parking, shuttle, bike, and pedestrian transit services. Our customer service offers students, staff, and visitors of the university information regarding accessible parking and travel while on campus.

Use the following options to quickly identify the type of action needed:

Relaxed Zones - Year round, a vehicle must display a valid permit to park on campus, excluding university recognized holidays and winter closures. We are able to relax zones during summer, winter, and spring breaks to allow for more movement on campus. Currently, a campus zone exception is in effect. Commuter permit holders may park in any commuter lot (NC or SC). Resident permit holders may park in any residential lot (R1, R3, R4, R5, and R6, except R2), and any commuter lot. Parking garage permit holders (PG96A and PG96B) may park in the permit designated parking garage, any employee, residential, or commuter lot. Employee permit holders may park in any employee, residential or commuter lots. The campus zone exception will end on 3/20/2015.

During spring, summer and winter breaks, Rapid Ride is the only route and operates 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The bus stops are located at the Skydome, Rolle Activity Center, Forestry/South Village, P62, SBS, Campus Heights/Gabaldon, Union/Fine Arts, Old Main, and ARD. Buses leave the Skydome on the hour.

Mountain Line Student Passes click here for details

Mountain Line Service Changes to Routes 7, 10A, and 14 - The Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA) is adding weekend service on Routes 14 and 10A, as well as making slight schedule changes to Routes 7 and 14 in order to better meet customer demand and keep reliable, on-time performance. Click here to review the full article.

Enterprise CarShare Comes to Campus - Enterprise Carshare is a membership-based car sharing program from Enterprise Rent-A-Car with vehicles parked right on our campus. Enterprise CarShare provides an alternate method of transportation for students to go where you want, when you want. Sign up today.

Enterprise CarShare

Spring Permits Available January 1st

Permits for the 2014-2015 spring semester are available for purchase online beginning January 1, 2015. Faculty, staff, and students may charge the permit to LOUIE or pay using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and debit cards with Visa and MasterCard logos only. The two week temporary permit offered at the end of the purchasing process must be printed and displayed in its entirety on the passenger side dashboard. Benefit-eligible faculty and staff may take advantage of tax savings by choosing payroll deduct. Permits are mailed to the requested address. If you do not know your address have the permit mailed to Parking and Shuttle Services, PO Box 5603, Flagstaff, AZ 86011, and we will email you when we receive it. 

Please make sure you order the correct permit based on our guidelines here. If you are not offered the correct zone, call our office before you purchase the permit so that we may assist you. If you order the wrong permit there is a $5 exchange fee for exchanging your permit. A permit may be exchanged at any time of the year, based on space availability and residential status, for a $5 exchange fee plus the difference in upgrading. This fee is waived for students who are placed in temporary housing.

2014-2015 Permit Prices:
  • Resident and commuter parking lot year permit $440 (semester only $332)
  • Employee parking lot year permit $400 (semester only $302)
  • Parking garage $530 (semester only $400)
  • Evening only year permit (valid after 4:30 pm) $210 (semester only $160)
  • Motorcycle year permit $218 (semester only $166)
  • Part-time employee parking lot permit $154 (per semester)

Transportation Fee

The transportation fee is $50 and covers a portion of the operating costs to provide shuttle services and other transportation related expenses (bike lockers, bike registration, pedestrian/bike path signage and improvements). The fee is charged to Flagstaff Campus students. Students who purchase a parking permit, after the charge has been posted, will be credited the fee up until mid-term of the semester. Students assigned student teaching (outside NAU), an internship, or study abroad will be credited the fee. Students taking online classes and living at least 50 miles away may request the fee be waived. Submit the Transportation Fee Waiver Request and attach offer/assignment documentation for the student teaching, internship or study abroad that indicates dates and placement.

It is our goal to continuously meet your on-campus transportation needs. Find out what kind of new or improved services we have added.