Office of Fieldwork Experiences

The Office of Fieldwork Experiences is dedicated to providing quality student teaching experiences for students, mentor teachers, university supervisors, and the schools who host Northern Arizona University students. We encourage you to visit us on the NAU Mountain Campus or online for more information.

Student Teaching

Student Teaching is a required course for all students in a student teaching experience.  Registration is required.  Your degrees and institutional recommendations are based upon successful completion of a teacher education program with certification in an appropriate placement.

Student teaching requirements for degree programs leading to teacher certification are listed in the NAU Catalog. The requirements are listed on the Details tab under the heading Teacher Preparation.

State of Arizona Professional Licensure Information

All NAU Teacher Education Programs lead to initial certification in the State of Arizona upon successful completion.  These are the steps to receiving the Provisional Teacher Certificate:

  1. Successful completion of degree program requirements and clearance for student teaching placement
  2. Successful completion of the student teaching experience (single and/or dual placements, as applicable) 
  3. After degree is officially posted by NAU Registrar, Office of Fieldwork Experiences completes the Institutional Recommendation
  4. Institutional Recommendation (IR) distributed to candidate
  5. Earn passing scores for the required NES exams (check website for certification area requirements)
  6. Possess a Valid Arizona IVP fingerprint clearance card(the State will not accept any other type of card)
  7. Take the IR (with page 1 completed), NES Score Report(s), Valid Arizona IVP fingerprint clearance card, and money to Arizona Department of Education (ADE) or attend NAU Certification Day
  8. Receive the Provisional Teacher Certificate
Click here to access the Arizona Department of Education Educator Certification State specific information.

Institutional Recommendation (IR)

NAU’s initial teacher preparation programs are approved by the Arizona State Board of Education. Candidates graduating from an NAU program leading to teacher certification will be eligible for an Institutional Recommendation (IR). The graduate presents the IR issued by NAU to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) along with all other required documentation. The IR allows ADE to process the graduate’s application for a teacher certificate without further transcript review.

Non-Resident Professional Licensure Information

If you are not a resident of Arizona, and you are taking an online course or program leading to professional licensure, NAU cannot confirm whether the course or program meets requirements for professional licensure in your state. Please check with the appropriate licensing board in your state to determine whether the course or program meets requirements for licensure in your state.