About the Programs

Vision Statement

The Professional Education Program at Northern Arizona University seeks to prepare educational leaders who create tomorrow's opportunities for young people: opportunities to learn and opportunities to improve their lives, their communities, and their prospects for the future. We strive to create a web of inquiry, exploration, and dialogue - through direct personal interaction and mediated by technology - that invites all members of the education community to come together to use discovery, innovation, and collaboration to improve people's lives through education.

Program Evaluation Information for the Professional Education Programs

Our mission is to prepare competent and committed professionals who will make positive differences for children, young adults, and others in schools.

The mission of NAU PEP is to prepare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required of those who work in P-12 professional roles. The program provides oversight to its programs as its faculties to develop and implement assessment plans and analyze data related to candidate learning outcomes.