2016 Summer Academy June 4- July 2 An Invitation

Join our program! The Academy offers Native American high students (current freshmen and sophomores) the opportunity to live and learn in a diverse and vibrant community. Nizhoni provides an environment that is academically challenging, yet filled with new experiences and opportunities for social, recreational and cultural excitement. We hope you are inspired by what you find out about the Nizhoni Academy, and that you will join us for an enrichment opportunity at Northern Arizona University.


At the Academy, you will explore climate change, sustainability, and how it directly effects native lands through a hands-on, writing intensive curriculum. Students can expect:


  • Year 1 students will explore trends in climate change is effected by consumerism, agriculture and the "western" way of life.  
  • Year 2 students complete and in-depth project on a climate change issue that directly effects the Navajo Nation. This project will change yearly.  
  • Both Year 1 & 2 students take a science lab and attend many field trips to experience the curriculum. 
  • Year 3 seniors take a college level course in a STEM field.  
  • All students participate in a Service Matters course, academic advising, financial literacy and receive tutoring. 


Cost to attend

Adequate funding enables us to offer the benefits of the Academy at no expense to the participants. Each participant will be provided with room and board.