About the Conference

Grand Canyon
View from Cape Royal on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

13th Biennial Conference of Science & Management on the Colorado Plateau & Southwest Region

Theme: Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Assess and Respond to Climatic, Social, and Technological Changes in the Southwest

The 13th Biennial Conference of Science will continue to be a forum that brings together resource managers and research scientists to discuss findings and management needs associated with the lands and resources of the Colorado Plateau and the larger southwestern United States. Climate change, energy development, invasive species, human population growth and other challenges affect water availability, natural systems, and communities throughout the Southwest. The conference will focus on multi-disciplinary approaches to assess and respond to these agents of change and others to ameliorate or reduce negative impacts to the region’s natural and cultural landscape. The conference will include plenary speakers, invited and contributed oral sessions, and a poster session.

Interest Areas

  • Management of natural and cultural resources: Management efforts by state and federal agencies and private landowners to restore and protect the region's physical, cultural, and biological resources.
  • Regional research:  Research by state and federal agencies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and private firms related to the region's physical, cultural, and biological resources that may used to inform and improve management outcomes.
  • Policy: Policy decisions that were informed and improved by incorporating scientific information, analysis, and recommendations to advance the conservation of natural and cultural resources and biological diversity.
  • Education: Education, training, and capacity-building programs that inform the public, decision makers, and current and future resource managers and conservation scientists and practitioners.
  • Conservation Science and Management: More broadly applicable scientific research that may be used to understand and conserve natural and cultural resources and biological diversity, including its identification, funding, dissemination, and application to research, management, and policy.