Guided site conversions

The Guided Site Conversion process (also known as “DIY”) provides resources that will help you:

  • create a new site
  • restructure an existing site
  • move an existing site into the new content management system

As part of this process, you will:

  • work with content strategists to develop a website that best serves both your department or organization’s business objectives and your users.
  • receive training in the Ektron content management system so you can easily update, change, add, and remove text, graphics, photos, and videos on your website.
  • have access to ongoing assistance after your new site goes live.

How it works

Submit the new site request form.

A content strategist will follow up with you to schedule an initial consultation.

Initial consultation

Meet with content strategists to discuss your department’s strategic objectives and key audiences, and how your new website can help you serve both.

In this meeting, you will learn how to:

  • structure a user-friendly website
  • write for the web and incorporate the university’s writing style guidelines
  • review best practices for the web

Attend CMS training

In order to have permissions to your new site, you must complete CMS training.

Create your site

Consult with content strategists as needed to assist you with structuring and writing your site.

Gather photos, videos, and other content you would like included on your site.

The EDEN Support desk can assist you throughout this process.

Review and site launch

University Marketing will review your site before it goes live to ensure all links work properly, photos are the correct size, etc.,  and also proofread content for spelling, grammar, and university style guide format.