Departmental IT Professional (IT Pro) Services

Available To: Staff

In addition to the centralized service provided by ITS, many departments and colleges have their own, internal IT staff , known as Departmental IT Professionals or  IT Pros that provide a variety of services to their local customers.  If your area has an IT Pro, you might wish to contact them first before calling ITS for services. If your department doesn't have an IT Pro, you are welcome to reach out to ITS by calling the ITS Solution Center at 523-1511 or emailing for IT Services.

The PC Support group maintains an email mailing list for IT Pros to encourage communication.   We also provides orientations to ITS Services for newly hired IT Pros.  If you are new in that role, please contact the Solution Center to arrange an orientation or to be added to the IT Pro mailing list.  During the school year, ITS coordinates regular meetings with IT Pros from around campus in order to coordinate projects and keep the campus IT staff  informed.

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Training & Documentation

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