Software Support Policy for Faculty and Staff


Revision Date:2014-05-28 

Revision Number:1.7 


Policy Information:

Information Technology Services (ITS) strives to provide excellent support for the operating systems and applications used by our Faculty and Staff. The first line of support for software is the ITS Solution Center which can be contacted by phone at (928) 523-1511, by email at, and through the web portal at sos.nau.eduITS also provides an array of in-person and on-line training opportunities for faculty and staff interested in learning more about supported software.  

Many areas of the university also have local IT staff  that may provide additional support options for departmentally deployed software.

Support Categories for Centrally Supported Software

Fully supported software—ITS will: maintain course offerings, CBT (Computer-Based Training), or video training material on use of software packages; provide a resolution for questions pertaining to the application; and have at least two support technicians experienced in the use of the application.

Partially supported software—ITS will provide a resolution for standard questions pertaining to the application; maintain at least one technician experienced in the use of the application.

Unsupported software—Due to resource constraints, both human and financial, ITS is unable to support applications not listed under Full or Partial support. If departments require central ITS support of unsupported products, please contact the Solution Center at 928-523-1511 to schedule a consultation. Options may include service-level agreement with ITS to explore funding options for the increased support demands.

Desktop Operating SystemsSupport Category
Windows 7Fully Supported
Windows 8Fully Supported
Macintosh OS X 10.7 LionFully Supported
Macintosh OS X 10.8 Mountain LionFully Supported
Macintosh OS X 10.9 MavericksFully Supported
ApplicationsSupport Category
Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows
   - Includes Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook
Fully Supported
Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows
   - Includes Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook
Fully Supported
Microsoft Office 2011 for Macintosh
     -Includes Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook
Fully Supported
Microsoft Access for Windows
     - Software Installation & Connection to ITS services ONLY.
Partially Supported
Adobe Creative Suite
 - Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and Dreamweaver
Partially Supported
Software packages provided through NAU Downloads     Partially Supported
NAU Outlook Web Access (OWA) webmailFully Supported
Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013 for Macintosh and WindowsFully Supported
Changning the look and feel of your sharepoint site
   Adding users
   Setting Permissions
   Lists and Libraries
   Uploading documents
   Creating documents
   Document checkout & checkin
   Creating subsites
   Recycle bin
Partially Supported
Sharepoint DesignerUnsupported
Select SurveyPartially Supported
Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows and MacintoshFully Supported
Skype (Windows and Macintosh)Partially Supported
Web BrowsersSupport Category
Internet Explorer 9 & 10 for WindowsFully Supported
Chrome for Windows and Macintosh (supported only for Web CMS access)    Partially Supported
Mozilla Firefox Extended Service Release (ESR) for Windows and MacintoshPartially Supported
Safari for MacintoshPartially Supported

Partially Supported Software (Mobile Devices)

ITS provides connectivity-related support for a variety of mobile devices listed below. This support includes assistance connecting to campus wireless (WiFi) networks, the NAU VPN, and to our Exchange server to access email, contacts, and calendars for the following types of devices:
  • Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch 
  • Android-based smartphones and tablets using Touchdown for Exchange connectivity
  • Windows Phone 7 and 8 smartphones
  • Windows 8  RT  tablet devices
  • Blackberry Z10, Q10 or newer smartphones


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