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Upcoming 2016 Professional Development Opportunities

If you will need an accommodation to participate in training, please email us at or call 928-523-9338 or fax us at 928-523-7486.

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All classes listed below are open to all benefit-eligible employees! You must register for your seat in the classes below through LOUIE.  The course number is included for an easier search in the LOUIE system.

  • Communicating Performance Expectations: co-facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager, Human Resources and Cindy Chilcoat, Director, Human Resources Programs (HR342)

Monday, March 14th 9am-11am HLC 2403

Monday, April 4th 9am-11am HLC 2403

One of most common reasons we don’t get the results we expect? Communication! This session is designed to provide useful tools in communicating performance expectations.  Whether you have a new employee to on-board, a new project with roles and responsibilities to communicate or just want to learn more, join us! In this class we will discuss best practices and how to use the performance appraisal to help you in your communication. 


  • Cultural Dexterity: facilitated by Yoleidy Rosario, Assistant Director, Inclusion and Multicultural Services(HR354)

Wednesday, February 17th 9am-11am Extended Campuses Building (16) True Blue Room (201)

Cultural Dexterity is an engaging program that provides participants with concepts and skills required for working across diverse cultures, regardless of your personal background, customs, and beliefs. In summary, Cultural Dexterity provides practice towards building cultural sensitivity for a better understanding and acceptance of other cultures.


  • Deeper Dive into the DiSC Profile: facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager (HR343)               

Wednesday, February 24th 8:30am-10:30am HLC room 2403

Tuesday, April 26th 9am-11am HLC 2403

This session takes the information from the basic DiSC profile overview and explores topics such as conflict and appreciation.  This class is for employees that have taken the DiSC personality profile and are ready to learn new ways of using it! **Please bring your profile with you to this class**


  • Documentation for Supervisors: facilitated by the Human Resources Employee Relations team (HR303)

Thursday, March 10th 9am-10:30am HLC 2403

Thursday, April 14th 2pm-4pm HLC 2403

Learn the types of things that supervisors should be documenting, how and when to start, and the best practices to avoid any legal pitfalls.


  • Employment Process Overview: facilitated by the Human Resources Employment & Compensation team (HR348)

Tuesday, March 29th 9am-11am HLC 2405

This session is designed for those employees who are involved in hiring benefit eligible staff:  selection committees, processing requisitions and administering ePARs and other post hiring processes like background checks and Hire Xpress. It’s intended to be a brief review of current hiring processes, changes to the process, ways to streamline the process and the resources available for help.  A question/answer time will be provided at the end of the session.


  • Hiring from your Gut: facilitated by the Human Resources Employment & Compensation team (HR339)

Thursday, March 3rd 9am-11am HLC 2403

Thursday, April 28th 9am-11am HLC 2403

How do you make the best hire for your open position? There are many pieces to the employment process and interviewing is one of the most critical. This class is designed for those employees who are involved in the interviewing and hiring of benefit-eligible staff. This class explores interviewing skills that help you find the best candidate for the job.  Also covered in this class are best practices on how to matrix candidates and getting the most out of reference checks.


  • Holding Employees Accountable: facilitated by the Human Resources Employee Relations team (HR313)

Thursday, March 24th 9am-11am Extended Campuses Building (16) True Blue Room (201)

This class is designed to address some of the challenges that occur after changes in behavior or performance have been requested: deciding how to fairly define and monitor if performance has improved, how to respond when improved performance then begins to slide again, knowing when to escalate the progressive discipline, and other gray areas in this realm of supervision.



  • Identity Within a Collective; facilitated by Yoleidy Rosario, Assistant Director, Inclusion and Multicultural Services(HR357)

Wednesday, April 6th 9am-11am HLC 2403

Participants in this workshop will be welcomed into an atmosphere where they could explore, be open, learn, and decide for themselves how they choose to live in a world that is diverse and how they relate to others as a collective.



  • Leadership & Ethics: facilitated by John-Robert Cauvin, Executive in Residence, W.A. Franke College of Business (HR346)

Wednesday, March 23rd 3pm-5pm Extended Campuses Building (16) True Blue Room (201)

This course is designed to take a look at business ethics and personal work ethics.  What does it mean to be ethical? Is “legal” and “ethical” always the same thing? How does this topic affect you as a leader? This course is designed around examples from both the private and public sector and encourages participants to examine their own behavior. 


  • Leading in a Diverse World; facilitated by Yoleidy Rosario, Assistant Director, Inclusion and Multicultural Services (HR360)

Thursday, April 21st 2pm-4pm HLC 2403

This is a workshop that helps to foster discussion among participants to help them to lead in a world that is growing in diversity. Being a leader in the world today requires a good understanding of how culture, ethnicity, and nationality affect the way problems will be looked at. Learning about your own biases is essential to counter-act them and lead effectively because our world is full of different perspectives.



  • Managing Leaves: facilitated by the Human Resources Benefits team (HR304)

Tuesday, March 22nd 8:30am-10:30amCentennial Building (91) HR Conference Room 140

This course is designed to help you navigate the world of leave management.  This course defines the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)- the various types of leave under the policy and your responsibility as a supervisor.  We will discuss the “to do” and “not to do” in your role as a supervisor and will also explore Extended leave (both personal and medical).  The course will also explain how the new eROA process helps accounting for time off during leave. 



  • Multigenerational Workforce; facilitated by Jamie Paul, Program Coordinator, Career Development (HR358)

Tuesday, April 12th 9am-11am HLC 2403

Activity/Panel/Discussion based workshop exploring the latest data about multiple generations in the workplace. Participants will examine generational stereotypes and discuss best practices for managing a work environment that values all generations. The objectives of this workshop should lead to increasing self-awareness to reduce generational bias in order to promote excellence in communication on and off campus.



  • Office of Equity and Access 101: facilitated by the Office of Equity and Access (HR347)

Thursday, March 31st 9am-11am HLC 2403

The Office of Equity and Access ensures the university is meeting its obligations regarding: Affirmative Action in employment, equal opportunity, non-discrimination and harassment, and accessibility and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.  This class is designed to give employees a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities in these areas. This class will also cover the many resources available to staff and faculty. 



  • Payroll: What you need to know: facilitated by the Human Resources Payroll team (HR350)

Tuesday, March 8th 2:30pm-4pm Centennial Building (91) HR Conference Room 140

This course is designed for supervisors and will cover all the “need to know” about payroll.  This includes topics such as Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) law, timesheet responsibilities, overtime/comp time, vacation and sick pay, eROA responsibilities, and ePAR responsibilities. 



  • Recognition & Engagement: facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager, Human Resources (HR353)

Thursday, February 25th 9am-10:30am HLC 2403

Why is recognition so important? How often do you recognize your employees? There are many different ways to show appreciation for those who work with and for you.  Come learn the various “languages” of recognition and how to become fluent (or at least aware) of them.



  • Safe Jacks: Suicide Prevention; facilitated by Suzanne Botello and Connie Cordain, Counselors, Employee Assistance & Wellness

Thursday, April 7th 9am-11am HLC 2403

Campus Connect (Safe Jacks) is a 2-hour suicide prevention training for staff and faculty. Designed specifically for a university community, Campus Connect is focused on enhancing knowledge, awareness, and skills concerning college student suicide. The skills learned in Campus Connect training will enable staff to respond to students experiencing a wide range of emotional crises.



  • Starting With Strengths: facilitated by Emily McCarthy, Program Director, Career Development

Wednesday, March 2nd 9am-11am HLC 2403

It’s more effective, fun, and holistic to focus on completing tasks and motivating ourselves by what we do well, rather than focusing how to improve on what we do less well. Whether you are an individual contributor or a supervisor of others, focusing on strengths can develop you, help build teams, and make organizations more effective. This presentation will discuss the positive psychology movement and subsequent emergence of strengths-based development. It will introduce initiatives currently underway at NAU that support a strengths-based approach, including the University College 199 curriculum. You will have the opportunity to complete Gallup’s StrengthsQuest to identify your strengths and reflect on how those strengths can help you develop yourself, others, and the students that we serve.


  • The Art of Delegation: facilitated by Dr. Wanda Costen, Associate Professor & Executive Director, School of Hotel & Restaurant Management (HR340)

Tuesday, February 16th 2pm-4pm HLC room 2405

Tuesday, April 19th 1pm-3pm HLC room 2403

This session is designed for managers to learn about delegation. This class will discuss why it is important, how to do it, and what to delegate.  This class teaches the skills necessary for delegation and allows a safe classroom environment for participants to practice those skills. 



  • Using ITS services to be More Productive: facilitated by the ITS Learning & Professional Development team (HR344)

Tuesday, February 9th 9am-11am ITS building 54, room 106

More than ever supervisors are being ask to do more with less. Come learn how Information technology services (ITS) can help you leverage technology to increase your productivity. 



  • Using LinkedIn to be effective; facilitated by Laurah Hagen, Program Coordinator, Career Development (HR361)

Wednesday, April 27th 9am-11am ITS building (54) Computer Lab 106

Our professional networks are made up of strong and weak ties. These groups perform vastly different functions, so it’s important to maintain both types of contacts. After identifying the features of each group, participants will learn how to use LinkedIn to engage with and add value to their strong and weak tie networks. This lab-based workshop focuses on introductory-level LinkedIn skills, including building an online professional identity by creating an impactful profile, joining and engaging in professional groups, and using the Alumni Finder tool. To maximize time, please create a LinkedIn account before the workshop begins.

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