What is HealthyU?

HealthyU is the university's new Wellness Incentive Program that provides employees the opportunity to earn a $10.00 per pay period credit toward their employee health care contribution for the university's BCBSAZ medical plan.

Who can participate in the HealthyU program?

Active employees enrolled in the university's Blue Cross Blue Shield (NAU BCBSAZ) health plan can participate in the Healthy U Wellness Incentive Program.

How can I earn the HealthyU credit?

It is easy - only three steps.

  • One - Biometrics

    Complete your biometric health screening to get your health-related measures including blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, blood glucose and weight.

  • Two - Register

    If you do not already have an account, create your BCBSAZ Healthy Blue account at

  • Three -My Blue Healthy Blue Print

    Enter your biometric health screening information to your my Blue Print Healthy Blue account at

Where can I go to have my biometric health screening completed?

  1. Healthwaves screening - offered on campus.  Review the screening calendar.
  2. Campus Health Services - located in the Health and Learning Center on the NAU Flagstaff campus.
  3. Primary care physician - preventive services do not require a co-pay.
You can use the My HealthyU Data Collection Form to record your biometric results.

When will I receive my HealthyU credit? 

If you complete your biometric health screening and enter your results online into the My Healthy Blue Print  by October 15, 2014 you will qualify for the $10.00 per pay period credit toward your health care contribution for the university's BCBSAZ medical plan for the 2015 calendar year.

Where can I get more information on the HealthyU Wellness Incentive Program?

For more details on the program review Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about the HealthyU Wellness Incentive Program.