The Honors Program Writing Center

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The Honors Writing Center provides one-on-one assistance to any Honors student, on any paper, for any class.  The tutors are trained Honors students who can offer help and insight on a variety of writing issues.  With a broad range of services, the tutors can focus on such topics as formulating a thesis, incorporating supporting evidence, connecting topic sentences, moving from passive to active voice, structuring a conclusion, and more.  Honors students are encouraged to come in for help at any stage in their writing process. 

Making an appointment 

Send us an e-mail at  Please try to suggest two possible meeting times during our scheduled hours, and try to give us 24 hours advance notice.  We will respond quickly.

Meet the Tutors

J. Keene Short

Keene, a native Flagstaffarian, is a senior at NAU double majoring in English and History and double minoring in Asian Studies and Religious Studies.  He has also been a GURU for HON 190.  His list of hobbies, while too long to include for economic reasons, includes reading, writing, photography, films, poetry, fiction, philosophy, plays, Cold War history, social movements, politics, cooking, travel, and being a part-time Time Lord every other Tuesday.  He is an avid Honors student and practices sarcasm professionally. 

RobinLi Uber

RobinLi is a junior at NAU majoring in journalism with an emphasis in photojournalism and documentary studies.  She also works as managing editor of The Lumberjack and as a reader-grader for communication classes.  Her interests include film, poetry, environmental sustainability, the Oxford comma, and Red Rover.  She enjoys the company of animals and trees. 

Lauren Balconi

Lauren is a junior English major with a focus in linguistics and literature. She also has a minor in Public Relations to make herself feel better about job prospects after college. She is currently a GURU for HON 190 and enjoys making a fool of herself in front of her students. Her hobbies include reading, staying up very late watching TV, drinking a lot of hot chocolate, and obnoxiously serenading her friends. She also really enjoys the word “rutabaga.”

Kelsey Hontz

Kelsey is a junior at NAU this year who wishes she could adopt "dinosaur" as her professional job title. However, she thinks that being a Writing Center Tutor is just about as exciting as being a reptilian terror. When not studying Creative Writing, Kelsey can be found hiking around Flagstaff, eating mass quantities of ice cream, and asking strangers if she can pet their dogs. She also has a passionate love for all things grammatical and adores helping students improve their sentence structure, word choice, and other wordy things.

Luke Bruggeman

Luke, identified by his superiors as “funny looking”, hails from the Phoenix suburbs but will often lie about it in order to further cultivate his guise of exoticism. In high school, Luke convinced himself that he would never pursue institutionalized higher education and would instead live a life of carefree vagrancy. Though several of his close friends have wandered that path, Luke chose to carve his niche in the NAU honors program. He now quite happily studies comparative religion, philosophy, and environmental sustainability. When not occupied by his coursework or demanding responsibilities at the Honors Writing Center, he enjoys grooming his man bun, dabbling in music performance, travelling, producing visual artwork, riding his bicycle, meeting people, and engaging in “ethereal” dialogue. His brain food of choice is Rolos and coffee and he humbly accepts tips and gifts of admiration from his tutees.

Barbara Youngs

Barbara is the coordinator of the Honors Writing Center and has been involved with the NAU Honors Program for over ten years. She worked as a writer and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years, and has taught on the Navajo reservation (community college and high school) as well as for Honors. Barbara is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, which probably explains a lot.  She and her husband have two sons, one at U of A and one coming to NAU in 2015, and a really big dog.  She thinks one of those four males is a goofball, but she declines to specify.