The NAU Honors Distinction

 Student Studying in Expansion 

Becoming an Honors student provides you with tools for your future. 

It also means that you are choosing to:

  •  engage in rigorous courses
  •  participate in the Honors community
  •  represent the best of Northern Arizona University

Employers and graduate school admission committees recognize the distinct skills that you achieve as an Honors student.  

When you graduate with honors, you receive special distinction on your transcripts that names your honor― the proof of your hard work and competitive edge.

Honors requirements 

To earn these distinct skills and benefits you must be admitted to Honors and complete the Honors requirements.

Honors students admitted for Fall 2015 or later complete the following (for Fall 2017 Honors College admits, this curriculum is expected to change):

 1) Complete the following Honors courses:

  • one Honors first year seminar in critical reading and writing (HON 190)
  • one Honors Topic Seminar HON 291(AHI), 292(CU), 293(SAS), or 294(SPW) 
  • one Honors Advanced Seminar HON 391(AHI), 392(CU), 393(SAS), or 394(SPW)
  • Honors Capstone Experience: HON 491C or 4XXH associated with a major capstone 

An additional 6-9 Honors units(e.g., ENV 101H, HON 240 etc.) are needed for a total of 21 Honors units



Students also complete the following :

  • one mathematics foundation course at the PreCalculus level or higher(MAT 125)
  • complete Calculus II(MAT 137) OR demonstrate proficiency in a second language through the first year (102 level)

4) Honors Pathways Requirement: Participate in five Honors Pathways experiences (non-credit programs or activities from an approved list) prior to graduation

5) Graduate with a 3.30 cumulative NAU GPA