Grand Canyon Semester 2014 Courses

All Grand Canyon Semester courses are seminars with substantial fieldwork that that interconnect content, projects, and site-specific, place-based learning experiences. The semester is centered on the Applied Core, Humans and the Environment.  The Integrative Seminar and Directed Study courses complement the Applied Core by providing students the opportunity to contextualize their experience and choose a portion of the semester for in-depth study.   

Applied Core: Humans and the Environment

The three-course natural and social science core allows students to study contemporary cultural, environmental, and management issues through an interdisciplinary lens. The Applied Core will make extensive use of integrated field trips that expose students to residents, stakeholders, and land manager across the Grand Canyon region.

ANT399H: Human Ecology of the Grand Canyon Region
3 credits in Anthropology, Native American Studies, or Humanities
Students will learn how modern and ancient people have interacted with and adapted to the Grand Canyon Region. 

ENV399H: Environmental Science of the Grand Canyon Region
3 credits in Environmental Science or Biology
Students will study the patterns and processes that shape the ecology, geology, and natural history of the Grand Canyon Ecoregion.

POS399H: Environmental Policy and Management of the Grand Canyon Region
3 credits in Political Science or Environmental Science
Students will learn about the policies, practices, and politics that determine how human cultures manage and utilize natural resources in the Grand Canyon Region.

HUM399H: Integrative Seminar: Grand Canyon as Text (3 credits)

Students integrate their learning while cultivating their sense of place through personal reflective writing and creative projects, as well as learning from the creative work of other artists, writers, and explorers of the Grand Canyon region. Using creative and non-fiction writing, journaling, art, and multi-media, students will document their our own Grand Canyon intimate encounters.

HON485: Directed Study – Independent Research Project (4 credits)


Students will be guided through a research project that they design incorporating course work, their interests, and field work.