Grand Canyon Semester: Fall 2014 Calendar

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Grand Canyon Semester is an intellectual immersion into the science, culture, arts, humanities, and politics of the Colorado Plateau region.  The GCS calendar generally follows the pattern of classroom time early in the week followed by field time later in the week, but the schedule will vary over the course of the semester as we take advantage of unexpected opportunities and experiences.  Students will participate in class lectures and discussions on campus on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Wednesdays will generally be study days that can be used to work on independent research projects.  Thursdays and Fridays will usually be spent in the field, either on short day trips or extended trips that sometimes last until Sunday afternoon.


Key Grand Canyon Semester 2014 Dates  
 August 21Students arrive in Flagstaff 
 August 22Travel to Grand Canyon NP for orientation 
 November 27-2Thanksgiving Holiday 
 December 8-9GCS Symposium & Final Dinner 
 December 10Students may leave Flagstaff