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Got a question you're dying to ask?  The Health Nuts are here to answer any and all of your questions related to college health!  We especially like questions related to alcohol, nutrition, sexual health and relationships!  Just type your question below and our team of Health Nuts advisors will get to work finding the answer for you.  We will choose one question each week to feature on our page.  So be sure to check back regularly to read our archived responses.   

You can also search our library of past Q & A's.  Who knows, maybe you're not the first to ask that question!


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Ask the Health Nuts is an online health resource for NAU students provided by Health Promotion, a part of NAU Campus Health services.  This service is meant to be a venue for students to ask health related questions and get reliable answers from college health professionals.  The Health Nuts want to answer all those questions you have about health in college but were afraid to ask! 

Ask the Health Nuts is not an emergency or instant response service.  If you have a health emergency please dial 911 or refer to the numbers below. 

Members of the ATHN team, which may include health educators, counselors, physicians and/or students, answer ATHN questions.  The participants in ATHN may be, but are not necessarily, licensed, certified or paid professionals.  The services offered by ATHN are not and should not be considered, medical advice, diagnosis, treatment advice or a second opinion for any medical or psychological condition, nor should an individual self-treat using any responses or comments made via ATHN if it could adversely affect an existing medical or psychological condition.  Participants in ATHN are free to terminate their participation at any time.

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Visitors review and use Ask the Health Nuts content solely at their own risk, with the understanding that information contained in ATHN site may become outdated and incorrect after it is posted, and agree that they will consult with a health care provider prior to acting on information contained in ATHN, particularly if the visitor has an existing health problem.

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Thanks for submitting a question to Ask the Health Nuts!  We will do our best to answer as many questions as we can, but due to the volume of questions received, we can't promise to answer or respond to all questions.

Swearing, sexist or otherwise offensive language is not welcome.Let’s keep it fun and healthy!

Helpful resources
Mental Health Concerns:  NAU Counseling Services


Located in Health and Learning Center

Hours: 8 am- 5 pm

Counseling services include:  consultation, counseling, substance abuse program, psychological emergency response,  and referral.

After hours a counselor is on call to respond to emergencies and the main number, 928-523-2261 will connect you to Counseling Services’ dispatch system. 


Free online service to help students find mental health info and resources

National Suicide Prevention Hotline


The Guidance Center

Vickey Street Hours:  Monday – Friday 8-5


Crisis mental health services are available 24/7 via phone and in person during business hours.

Medical Concerns:  NAU Medical Services (Formerly Fronske Health Center)

928- 523-2131

Located in Health and Learning Center

Hours: 8-5


NAU Police Department

911 from campus land lines

928-523-3000 from a cell phone, or any blue emergency phone

Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault

24 Hour Dispatch:  928-773-7670

Northland Family Help Center

For victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

24 Hr. Crisis Line- (877) 634-2723 or (928) 52-1900

Health Information:  NAU Health Promotion Office


Located in Health and Learning Center

Hours: 8-5

Health Promotion offers a variety of educational services including outreach presentations and educational workshops for students.  The focus of their efforts is prevention of high- risk behavior and support of healthy lifestyles.  They do not provide intervention or clinical services.