Managing Stress


Stress can be positive or negative, depending on the cause and whether or not a person is prepared to handle the situation. Use our resources and information to learn about the effects of stress, and what steps you can take to manage and relieve various stresses in your life.

At Northern Arizona University, approximately 25 percent of students report that stress has interfered with their academic performance. Taking time to be preventative and incorporate relaxation into your daily routine can make a world of difference.

Tips to Manage Stress

Too much stress, or stress that goes on for a long time, can be unhealthy. Don't be discouraged! You can learn to manage your stress by trying out a few of these tips. 

  • Set aside a time every day to work on relaxation
  • Exercise regularly. Try out a free yoga class in the rec center! 
  • Practice meditation or perform deep breathing exercises
  • Avoid using caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine
  • Sleep for eight hours each night, or take a 10 minute nap during the day
  • Attend a StressLess Health Promotion workshop
  • Have a strong social network. Consider joining Stressbusters!
  • Eat healthy food, limit the amount of sugar in your diet
  • Carry a water bottle and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
  • Get a massage. Contact Campus Health Services at 523-8995 to schedule one. 
  • Learn to seek out and ask for help
If these tips don't work for you, it might be time to consider seeing a mental health professional who can teach you more effective methods for handling for stress in a healthy way. Your first visit to the counseling center at NAU is free! 

Stress Resources

Explore our various resources to learn more about the importance of adequate rest, social support, and time management.

Our Stress Management Programs

Explore our programs and see what Health Promotion is doing to help you cope and manage stress.