Learn about your options: take our online birth control class

Who should take this class?

Men and women who need more information about contraception so they can make informed choices.   Please complete this online class prior to making an appointment at Campus Health Services for a birth control prescription.  You will also need to complete your online Health History if you have not done it before this time. Pay close attention to the general information and sections that apply to you. This class will take up to an hour.

Begin the Online Class

What to expect during your appointment:

A full physical exam (including pelvic exam/pap smear for women) is NOT required to get birth control from Campus Health Services.  The nursing staff will check your blood pressure, weight, temperature, and pulse prior to your visit.  Your provider will explain any testing that is recommended.  Screening tests for sexually transmitted infections may be offered.

Current recommendations state that women should receive their first pap smear and pelvic exam at age 21, unless there are other personal factors present.  Please discuss this with your provider.

For birth control appointments, please contact Campus Health Services at 928-523-8995 or visit their site