New Employee

Thank you for joining the Green Team!!

Please fill out the following forms to get on Facility Services payroll, and email the forms or information to Ellen Vaughan.

New Facility Service Student Employee 

If you have never worked for Facility Services before, you need to fill out a Student Employee Application, the Employment Background form and an Applicant Information form.

New NAU Employee (Non-Student): 
If you have never worked for NAU before, you need to fill out a Part Time / Temporary Employment Application, the Employment Background form and an Applicant Information form.
After you fill out the above forms they will be submitted to Facility Services Employee Services. Employee Services will then email you additional new hire documents to complete (plan for 30-45 minutes to fill out the papers and take mandatory online trainings). Follow the instructions in the Employee Services email closely, it will tell you how to submit proof that you passed the tests.
Within three days of submitting these documents you will need to show Facility Services Employee Services (bld 77, first door on your right) acceptable forms of identification. Contact: Geneice Weathersby, FS Employee Services, (928) 523-6407 to make sure she'll be there to confirm your ID. Geneice can also help you with any outstanding questions. 
Getting Paid:

Employees need to turn in a signed Student Timesheet or a Non-student Timesheet every other Tuesday to the Office of Sustainability, upstairs in Facility Services (bld 77). Fill out the timesheet electronically, then print, then add your signature.
Timesheets are due to Employee Services every other Wednesday but please submit them to the Office of Sustainability on Tuesday to ensure they are approved and delivered to Employee Services on time. If you miss a deadline, you may be compensated for the last pay period but they will not go back two prior pay periods.

Timesheet details:
     Pay Period End Date: The last day of the pay period. Typically the Sunday after the timesheets are due.
     Employee ID: Student ID number
     Department Name: Sustainability
     Department Code: 30433
     Position #:
         Green Fund
              Student Employee: 26459 
              Part-time Temp: 27144
          Office of Sustainability
               Student Employee: 26673
               Part-time Temp: 26458
          Environmental Caucus 
              Student Employee: 26702
              Part-time Temp: 26674
              Student Employee: 2644
              Part-time Temp: 26472


All NAU student employees MUST maintain a GPA of 2.0 or greater to keep their positions - Study Hard!