Green Jacks


Green Jacks, also known as the Student Environmental Caucus, seek to create a culture of sustainability on campus. Every student, faculty, staff, and administrator at the university can be a Green Jack.

As an organization, the Green Jacks respond to the interests of its members. A few signature events include Better World Film Series, Earth Jam, and helping out with Earth Week. If you have an idea for an event please let us know.  

All meetings occur Mondays at 6PM in the HLC Room 2403. With the exception of Seminar Series dates.
Spring meetings start Monday, January 25th


Feb 1stSocial JusticeAileen Farrar, Caitlyn Burford, John Hultgren6pmInternational Pavilion
Feb 24Habitat ConservationLinn Montgomery, Matthew Goodwin6pmInternational Pavilion
March 9thConsumerismTBD6pmInternational Pavilion
Apr 6thDebateSolution to Our Energy Crisis6pmInternational Pavilion
Apr 18th     GJ HLC Meeting CancelledGo to Eco Fashion Show!7pm DuBois Center Ballroom



  • Volunteer Coordination at Green Game
  • Better World Seminar Series Organization
  • Home Football Game Tailgate Recycling
  • Reusable Cup Marketing Campaign
  • Organize Earth Week 
  • Promote the Better World Film Series
  • NAU's Annual Earth Hour 
  • Skydome 2013 Homecoming Waste Audit
  • Sustainable Green Cup Tailgate at Homecoming (2011, 2012)
  • Hot Topics Café: “Windfall”
  • Partnered with the Solar Mosaic crowd-sourcing event
  • Partnered with the New York Times and the American Democracy Project on “Times Talk,” which focused on water, climate change, and food issues
  • Helped organize the 10/10/10 Global Day of Action

How to get involved

There are many leadership opportunities available with the Green Jacks. E-mail us to sign up for the listserv and find out information about upcoming meetings.  

Resources for Green Jack chairs


GJ Chair Resized

My name is Dylan Lenzen. I major in Environmental Science with an emphasis
in policy and administration. Ever since going on "eco-justice" mission
trip in high school, understanding environmental issues and achieving
sustainability has become a driving passion. In particular, I find the
intersection between social justice and sustainability to be very
interesting and have had the pleasure of working for an Environmental
Justice organization. Here at NAU, I hope to foster a culture of
sustainability and minimize the environmental impact of higher education
with the help of other passionate students involved with Green Jacks.


GJ Chair

Sustainability has been a passion of mine for around 6 years now.
Everything clicked after I went on an environmental justice mission trip to
Hawaii but I really began to get involved in the movement when I co-founded
the Sustainability Initiative club at my high school with Dylan. I love
science and am currently pursuing bachelors degrees in both Biology and
Secondary Education. I am excited to represent the Green Jacks and work
closely with Green NAU on campus. Through solidarity and hard work we can
make a real difference.