Green Fund Committee

The voting committee is compromised of two parts: the student section and the non-students section. The student section of the voting committee has six students in it including the committee chair. Ideally, the six students are representatives of the six colleges on NAU's campus. They must uphold good academic standing in order to apply for the committee.

The non-student section of the voting committee is comprised of three people: one faculty member, one facilities representative, and one administrative representative. The non-student section of the voting committee gives a perspective otherwise not considered. The non-student section can help the student section understand NAU policy when regarding marketing, Human resources, hiring, procurement and how they affect the work of the Green Fund.

Caryn Bio Pic
Caryn Massey

Caryn Massey was born and raised in the Phoenix area. Currently a junior pursuing a double major in Public Relations and Environmental Studies, she aspires to work for The National Geographic taking pictures, making documentaries, and creating campaigns. Caryn wants other people to appreciate and respect the environment as much as she does. This is her first year on the committee and plans to bring her creativity and passion for all things green to NAU. She also works with Enrollment Management and Student Affairs as their Social Media Marketer. Caryn’s main passion outside of the environmental realm is scuba diving. She has been to exotic dive sites all over the Caribbean and hopes to make a trip to Fiji soon!

Shayla Woodhouse Bio Pic
Shayla Woodhouse

Shayla came to Northern Arizona University from San Diego, CA. She is currently a junior pursuing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Chemistry. With her degree, she hopes to someday have a positive impact on the environment. At NAU, she has been involved with the Associated Students of Northern  Arizona University by serving as a Senator. She enjoys representing and  being the voice for the student body. Shayla also enjoys being active by  rock climbing, running, playing racquetball and geocaching. This is her second year on the Green Fund committee.

Torey Schreiner bio pic
Torey Schreiner

Torey Schreiner is completing her last year at NAU. She is finishing degrees in Management, Marketing, & Economics. Torey grew up in Enumclaw, WA, a small town in western Washington. She chose to attend NAU because she wanted to get away from the rain and was drawn by the different opportunities that NAU and the Flagstaff community has to offer. Torey is passionate about the great outdoors and has a deep love for our mother Earth. She looks forward to being on the Green Fund Committee to share ideas and encourage other students to get involved in making NAU a greener community.

Abrahan Garibay bio pic
Abrahan Garibay

Abrahan Garibay is currently a sophomore at Northern Arizona University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is from Mesa, AZ and has lived there all of his life. Being involved in school was always a good advantage for making connections. Abrahan is someone who enjoys meeting others and getting into good conversations with new people. He enjoy bringing groups together in terms of a sustainable goal, and hopes to continue that role for others in the future.

Allison Whiteford bio pic
Allison Whiteford

Allison is a senior in Environmental Studies with a minor in Spanish. She is very interested in water issues, and also an active member of the Action Group for Water Advocacy. She is also interested in environmental education and is currently an environmental education intern for a class of freshmen students. In her spare time, Allison enjoys reading, running, and painting. Allison is very excited about being on the Green Fund Committee and helping to make our school a more sustainable place.

David Miller bio pic
David Miller

David is a junior pursuing a degree in Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Ethnic Studies. Born and raised in Phoenix, this desert dweller came to NAU to escape the heat in the beautiful city of Flagstaff. He discovered the Green Fund when he was asked to co-author an Arduino program for the sponsored project "Eco Pedal." Beside creating a culture of sustainability, his passions are drumming, song writing, poetry, mathematics, and camp counseling.

Susan Williams bio pic
Susan Williams

Susan is an associate professor at Northern Arizona University in The W. A. Franke College of Business teaching operations management, project management, and management science. She received her Ph.D. in 2001 in Operations Research and Management Science from the University of Cincinnati. Her research interests include sustainability in business, pedagogical research, case writing, and public policy applications of operations research.Susan and her partner (he is also a biz prof) are travelers (Costa Rica, Ireland, Fiji,Argentina, & Chile) and active outdoor enthusiasts: hiking and backpacking, kayaking, snorkeling, downhill & XC skiing. Her travel includes tracking down her two sons who are in Colorado and Pennsylvania ¨at the moment. After spending 40 years east of the Mississippi, Susan has fallen in love with all the southwest has to offer.

Sheila Anders bio pic
Sheila Anders

 Sheila Anders is originally from Woods Hole, Massachusetts. She completed her undergraduate studies at San Francisco State University, her first Master's at the University of Paris during a ten-year stint in Europe, and recently completed her second Master's as NAU. She has been active in advocacy for sustainability for over thirty years and co-organized the Greening Government conference held at NAU. She currently serves on the Environmental Caucus Steering Committee and as a board alternate on the Sustainable Economic Development Initiative of Northern Arizona. She currently works as Director of Administrative Services in the Center for International Education.

Nick Koressel bio pic
Nick Koressel

Nick Koressel's bio coming soon!