The Graduate College mission statement and goals

Mission statement

As the primary advocate of graduate education at Northern Arizona University, the Graduate College is committed to supporting and advancing our outstanding graduate and professional programs on the Flagstaff Campus and through The Extended Campuses of Northern Arizona University. Consistent with the institution's mission, our purpose is to promote student achievement, research, scholarship, global learning, strategic partnerships, and engagement in discovery and practice.


  1. To serve as an advocate for graduate education and to promote a supportive learning and research environment related to our distinctive graduate programs.
  2. To enhance the visibility of our graduate programs and increase and diversify our pool of applicants locally, nationally and internationally.
  3. To serve as a leader in shaping policy related to graduate education. 
  4. To assess, nurture and strengthen the high-quality graduate and professional programs, and provide assistance and guidance in the development of new academic programs.
  5. To provide quality services to assist with the success of our graduate students and academic programs related to admissions, implementing regulations and policies, retention and graduation.
  6. To enhance the integration of research with graduate and undergraduate education.
  7. To build on our strengths which include location and historical mission and our commitment to basic and applied research in the areas of biotechnology and health, environment and sustainable systems, learning and teaching, and human connections and diversity of human experiences.   

Reviewed and approved by the University Graduate Committee - April 2008