Preparation and Application

Becoming a health care professional can be a long journey. This guide will help you plan ahead, so you’ll be ready for the next step when you graduate. 

First Year

During that initial year, we suggest you:

  • explore career options
  • shadow a practitioner in the field you are considering or conduct an informational interview to gain a realistic view of the profession
  • join a club or organization on campus
  • discuss your major and degree with your academic advisor
  • take prerequisite courses for your premedical professions program
Second Year

During your sophomore year, we suggest you:

Third Year

Fall term

During your fall term, we suggest you:

  • make an appointment with a premedical professions advisor to discuss your application plans and schedule for your committee letter, if applicable
  • sign up to take your entrance exam
  • prepare for your entrance exam
  • begin working on your personal statement
  • research schools to which you intend to apply
  • continue gaining clinical experience, and any research or community service

Spring term

During your spring term, we suggest you:

  • continue taking prerequisite courses, as well as those needed for your degree plan
  • prepare for your entrance exam
  • take your entrance exam
  • prepare for applications, which typically open between May and June
  • sign up for and obtain your committee interview if you are a medical or dental student
  • begin asking individuals for letters of recommendation from academic faculty and from your clinical experience

Summer after junior year

During summer, we suggest you:

Fourth Year

Finally, in your senior year, we suggest you:

  • continue completing degree and prerequisite courses
  • continue anticipating the arrival of secondary applications
  • anticipate invitations for interviews
  • continue gaining clinical experience, and any research and community service
  • anticipate receiving acceptance, denial, or wait list decisions during the spring
  • plan for reapplication or alternate plans in case you are not admitted
  • make an appointment with your premedical professions advisor for consultation about your plans

Next Step: Gain Experience