A Day In Life At The Four Corners Summer Academy

A Day in the Life 1
Wake up, head to the dining hall for breakfast and then head to classes and review sessions. Back to the Dining Hall for lunch. After lunch complete classwork and free-up time for evening activities designed by the residential staff. Head to dinner in the Hot Spot to meet up with friends.

The evenings are dedicated to programming which can mean everything from basketball tournaments to craft activities to field trips to book clubs to dance classes to free time. Evenings are a time to get to know the other students in the residence hall, give families a call or catch up on your laundry.

A Day in the Life 3

After programming, all students meet in small groups with their Summer Leaders. This time is spent checking in and chatting with everyone in your group. This group time can help students create their own tight-knit communities while adjusting to being away from home.  We call this SAGE.

Students then have time to spend on their floors or in their rooms until Lights Out. Then it's off to bed to get some sleep before the next jam-packed Four Corner's day.

A Day in the Life 4

 What happens on Sundays?! Students can choose to go home or stay on campus. A myriad of programming activities continue throughout the day and can include field trips.  One weekend the residence hall closes.  Similar to college students return home for a short break before they return to complete the summer component.  Seniors stay on for one more week to travel to visit colleges and universities.