Receiving your aid


What is disbursement?

Disbursement is the process of your financial aid paying for your NAU tuition and other university charges. Once payment of your tuition and fees have been made, your remaining award funds (if applicable) will be directly deposited into your checking or savings account if you have direct deposit. If you do not have direct deposit, any extra funds will be mailed to your mailing address on record. Checks are not available for pick up in person. 

Disbursement timeline

Disbursement occurs approximately one week prior to the start of classes and is scheduled regularly thereafter. Your funds will be deposited to your student account approximately 48 - 72 hours after disbursement occurs.  If you do not have direct deposit, a check will be mailed to your mailing address on record, and may take an additional 5-10 days. Sign up for direct deposit at Student and Departmental Account Services.

Students are only eligible to receive financial aid from one institution at a time. If you wish to attend more than one school in one semester, you may be eligible to participate in a Consortium Agreement with that school.  


If you receive additional resources after your financial aid has disbursed, your eligibility will be re-evaluated to ensure compliance with Federal Regulations. If you are still eligible for the amount you have already received, then your new resources will be disbursed to you. If your additional resource affects your existing awards, then adjustments will be made, and you may owe money back. You are responsible for notifying the Office of Student Financial Aid of any additional outside resources paid directly to you. 

You must be registered in a degree seeking program for at least the number of credit hours indicated on your Award Notice and/or scholarship agreement. Audits do not apply.