For New Faculty

We are delighted to welcome you to Northern Arizona University. To help launch a great year for you at NAU, we have developed this page of information and links for new faculty.

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Effective ideas and proven practices to support student success that can be incorporated into the classroom quickly and easily.

We will be updating this page with more information, so check back for additions.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


Course syllabus approved format 

For your syllabus:

University policies:  Attach the Safe Working and Learning Environment, Students with Disabilities, Institutional Review Board, and Academic Integrity policies or reference them on the syllabus. See the following document for policy statements:

NAU policies, including links to Academic Dishonesty Policy, complete Appeal Procedures, and Form for Appeal are available at

Disciplinary Procedures and Academic Violations Guidelines are available in the Academic Integrity Policy.

Policy on submission of mid-term grades

Academic Calendars:

Registrar’s Important Dates and Deadlines (including Finals Week schedule)

Faculty Personnel Action Dates Calendar linked from Annual Reviews, Promotion, and Tenure

Grading schedules, important dates, and other grading resources

Provost's resources and academic dates including 5-Year Academic Calendar and Personnel Action Calendar


Selected online resources on Teaching & Learning and Teaching Large Classes

Bibliography of guides and other resources for new faculty

Approaches to questions In classes, whether face-to-face or online, how we frame questions can elicit contributions or silence. Here are some examples of questions of both types.

Article: Preparing for the First Day of Class

Article: What Helps Students Learn?

NAU Information:

Checklist for new faculty at NAU

Commonly used acronyms at NAU

NAU Colleges, Schools, and Academic Departments

Liberal Studies at Northern Arizona University 

Criteria for Upper/Lower Division Courses - Linked from University Curriculum Committee Policies and Forms

University Faculty Handbook


Office of Planning and Institutional Research - with institutional data from our ABOR and Carnegie Peers, CIRP and NSSE data and reports, State and Local Budget Books, and other planning resources.
Student Issue Referrals - A list of resources to use when referring students for a variety of issues that might arise.

Quick facts about NAU


NAU Conditions of Faculty Service (COFS)

University Faculty Handbook

Safe Working and Learning Environment Policy: the NAU policy regarding prohibited discrimination, harassment, and other inappropriate behaviors


HR New Employee Orientation including information about Benefits Orientation and new faculty checklist

Benefit Enrollment Guide

Voluntary Benefit Summary

Retirement and Long Term Disability Summary