Faculty learning communities

Western Washington University uses a definition that describes how faculty learning communities function at NAU: A learning community “offers a cross-disciplinary group of 10-12 participants the opportunity to meet regularly to look at topics of shared interest in an in-depth, ongoing, scholarly and systematic manner. LC members delve into research and experiences in their common area of inquiry, then can design and pursue individual or group projects that require them to apply and test new ideas and information about student learning.”

Evidence shows that faculty learning communities provide effective “deep learning” that encourages and supports faculty to investigate, attempt, assess, and adopt new methods of teaching.  Join a faculty learning community to gain applicable skills unique to Northern Arizona University.

2016-17 Learning Communities:

Applying Universal Design of Learning in Blended and Online Classrooms
Effective Online Teaching
Fostering Critical Thinking in the Classroom
Fostering Success for International Students
Creative Community

Past Learning Communities:

Researching the Impact of Our Teaching on Student Learning (2013-14)
Blended Learning Course Redesign (2013-14)
First-Generation College Student Experiences (2013-14)
What Our Stories Teach Us: What do our stories teach us about how (and why) we teach the way we do? (2013-14)
Intersections of Culture and Learning: Implications for Student Success,Faculty Growth, and Teaching (2012-13)