2014-2015 Teaching Academy

President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellows/
Teaching Academy board

The President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellowship is awarded annually to outstanding teaching scholars who have made a significant impact on undergraduate learning at Northern Arizona University.

The recipients are appointed for three years, and also serve as the Board of the Northern Arizona University Teaching Academy. Fellows may reapply for an additional three year term.  The call for nominations is issued each September through the Office of the Provost.

Alex Alvarez (2013 to present)
Criminology & Criminal Justice

Jeff Berglund (2008 to present) 
Department of English

Geeta Chowdhry (2008 to 2013) 
Politics and International Affairs

Brandon Cruickshank (2008 to present) 
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Laurie Dickson (2013 to present)
Psychological Sciences, Associate Vice Provost for Curriculum & Assessment

Laura Gray-Rosendale (2009 to present) 
Department of English

Cynthia Hartzell (2011 to present)
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Michelle Miller (2011 to present) 
Psychological Sciences

Sheila Nair (2011 to present) 
Politics and International Affairs

Tom Paradis (2011 to present)
Geography, Planning and Recreation

Mary Reid (2010 to present) 
School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability

Anne Scott (2013 to present)
Department of English

Pamela Stephens (2015 to present)
School of Art

John Tingerthal (2015 to present)
Construction Management

Catherine Ueckert (2010 to present) 
Biological Sciences 

Miguel Vasquez (2009 to 2012)
Department of Anthropology

Andrew Walters (2014 to present)
Psychological Sciences

Gioia Woods (2013 to present)
Comparative Cultural Studies

Academy Members

The Academy's members have been recognized by their colleges as instructional leaders and are appointed for three-year terms.

David Albritton
W. A. Franke College of Business

Betty Brown
Health Sciences

Walter Delecki
Educational Leadership

Jacob Dolence
University College

Amalia Garzon

Jani Ingram
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Todd Johnson
Computer Information Systems

Alyce Jordan
Comparative Cultural Studies

Patricia Murphey
Visual Communication

Brent Nelson
Mechanical Engineering

Linda Paul
School of Nursing

Glenn Phelps
Politics and International Affairs

Jennifer Prior
Teaching and Learning

Jay Sutliffe

Susan Stutler
Health Sciences

Tad Theimer
Biological Sciences

Ana Maria Varela-Lago
Department of History

Andrew Walters
Psychological Sciences


Affiliate Members

Previous Academy members who chose to continue beyond their three-year term.

David Allen

Melissa Birkett
Psychological Sciences

Terry Blows
Mathematics and Statistics

Paul Donnelly
Comparative Cultural Studies

Kathy Eastwood
Physics and Astronomy

Mac Groves

Robert Henderson
Health Sciences

Chris Lanterman
Educational Specialties 

Karen Mueller 
Physical Therapy

David Pierotti
Biological Sciences

Pamela Powell
College of Education

Miguel Vasquez 
Department of Anthropology