2013-2014 Teaching Academy

President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellows/
Teaching Academy board

The President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellowship is awarded annually to outstanding teaching scholars who have made a significant impact on undergraduate learning at Northern Arizona University.

The recipients are appointed for three years, and also serve as the Board of the Northern Arizona University Teaching Academy. The call for nominations is issued each September through the Office of the Provost.

Alex Alvarez(awarded in 2013)
Criminology & Criminal Justice

Jeff Berglund (awarded in 2008, reappointed 2012) 
As an Associate Professor of English, Jeff Berglund teaches and publishes in the fields of U.S. Multi-ethnic literature, Cultural Studies, and American Indian literature. He is committed to developing and discovering ethical approaches to scholarship and pedagogy in order to bridge the potential divide between the academy and our surrounding communities.

Geeta Chowdhry (awarded in 2008, reappointed 2012) 
Geeta Chowdhry is a professor in the Department of Politics and International Affairs. Her areas of interest include International Relations, Development & Developing Societies, Gender & Development, Postcolonialism, Race & Ethnicity, South Asia, and India.

Brandon Cruickshank (awarded in 2008, reappointed 2012) 
Brandon Cruickshank is a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He is interested in using technology to improve teaching and learning in large, introductory classes.

Laurie Dickson (awarded in 2013)
Psychology, Associate Vice Provost for Curriculum & Assessment

Laura Gray-Rosendale (awarded in 2009, reappointed 2012) 
Laura Gray-Rosendale is a professor in the English Department where she teaches classes in popular culture, the history of rhetoric, writing theory and pedagogy, and autobiography. She teaches both face-to-face and on-line classes. Gray-Rosendale directs the STAR Writing Program where she enjoys working with first generation, racial/ethnic minority, and economically needy students.

Cynthia Hartzell (awarded in 2011) 
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Michelle Miller (awarded in 2011) 

Sheila Nair (awarded in 2011) 
Politics and International Affairs

Tom Paradis (awarded 2011) 
Geography, Planning and Recreation

Mary Reid (awarded in 2010) 
School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability

Anne Scott (awarded in 2013)
Anne Scott, professor in the Department of English, teaches medieval literature, film, Honors composition courses, and interdisciplinary courses for the Honors Program. As Honors Professor and Coordinator for the Honors Program Writing and Academic Enhancement, Dr. Scott develops sound pedagogies for the first-year Honors FYLI courses, runs the program’s symposium, and helps to manage and oversee the program’s new curriculum.

Catherine Ueckert (awarded in 2010) 
Catherine Ueckert is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. She is interested in incorporating a variety of active learning strategies into large lecture classes. 

Andrew Walters (awarded in 2014)

Gioia Woods (awarded in 2013).
Comparative Cultural Studies

Academy Members

The Academy's members have been recognized by their colleges as instructional leaders and are appointed for three-year terms.

David Albritton
David Albritton is an assistant professor in the W. A. Franke College of Business. Albritton received his MBA and PhD from Auburn University. He teaches introductory management and strategic management courses at NAU. Albritton makes use of experiential projects (including business simulations) and reflection exercises in his courses.

Melissa Birkett
Melissa Birkett is an assistant professor in the department of psychology. She teaches face to face and on line classes in neuroscience and psychopharmacology at the graduate and undergraduate level. She is currently involved in developing a learning community for first year students interested in psychology and is looking forward to teaching introductory psychology.

Terry Blows
Terence Blows is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. His research focuses on differential equations theory and applications to population modeling. He also devotes energy to undergraduate education, especially in efforts to improve student success in freshman classes.

Betty Brown
Health Sciences

Arianne Burford
Arianne Burford, PhD, is a faculty lecturer in Women's and Gender Studies who specializes in queer and feminist theories and literature with particular emphasis on the intersections with gender, race, class, sexuality, and citizenship. She is a member of the LGBTQIA Task Force at NAU and is dedicated to improving the environment at NAU for LGBTQIA faculty, staff, and students. She believes in the power of poetry, art, difficult dialogues, critical pedagogy, and collective efforts to mobilize for social change. 

Wendy Campione

Amalia Garzon

Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson is an assistant clinical professor of Health Sciences and teaches courses in the Public Health program. He currently teaches on-line courses and is the faculty advisor for the Change club, which is a club for Public Health students as well as other health related majors. Robert’s research interests are in the areas of stress management and food politics.

Jani Ingram
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Gae Johnson
Gae Johnson is a professor in the College of Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning. She teaches classes in elementary mathematics methods and curriculum. She is committed to preparing her pre-service teachers for the challenges of today's schools. She has established a working partnership with Mount Elden Middle School. 

Peter Kosso

Patricia Murphey
Patricia Murphey is an assistant professor of Visual Communication. She received her MFA from the Academy of Art University and has been a designer for 20 years. She directs the Visual Design Lab, an experiential environment where she works with students providing high quality design services for clients in the university, and community. 

Brent Nelson
Mechanical Engineering

Linda Paul
School of Nursing

Glenn Phelps
Politics and International Affairs

Randi Reppen
Randi Reppen is professor of Applied Linguistics in the English Department. During her time at NAU, Randi worked in the International Office (now the Center for International Education) for seven years and has been a faculty member of the English Department since 1996. In addition to being a faculty member, she was the Director of the Program in Intensive English from 1997 – 2008.

Vicki Ross
Vicki Ross teaches in the Department of Teaching and Learning, and her primary focus is on teaching mathematics and science methods to teacher candidates. She is also involved in the fields of curriculum and assessment at an undergraduate and graduate level. She cares deeply about enabling teachers to create meaningful learning experiences in the elementary classrooms. 

Pamela Stephens
Pam Stephens is an associate professor in the School of Art where she teaches art education courses. Her focus is upon developing community among art education students and guiding them to become highly qualified art educators. She was named 2011 Arizona Art Educator of the Year. 

Ana Maria Varela-Lago

Wende Yellin
Wende Yellin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. She teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in the areas of hearing science, audiology, and neuroscience. Her areas of research interest include diagnostic audiology, newborn hearing, and auditory processing. 

Affiliate Members

David Allen

Michael Blocher
Michael Blocher is an associate professor and area coordinator of the Educational Technology program in the College of Education. He teaches face-to-face classes at the undergraduate level and masters and doctoral on-line classes at the graduate level. His area of research includes technology integration and learner interaction in Web 2.0 Learning environments.

Paul Donnelly
Paul Donnelly teaches courses on Asian religions. His specialty is Buddhism, particularly the Buddhism of Tibet. As part of his wider concern for understanding the dynamics of the intellectual history of Tibetan Buddhism, his recent work has been examining the ideas of a controversial fifteenth century Tibetan scholar.

Kathy Eastwood
As a Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Kathy DeGioia Eastwood enjoys teaching classes in both physics and astronomy. As a telescope junkie, her area of research is the formation and evolution of massive stars. During the summer she runs a summer undergraduate research program funded by the National Science Foundation. 

Mac Groves

Chris Lanterman
Educational Specialties  

Mike Lebec 
Physical Therapy

Yvonne Luna
Yvonne Luna is an assistant professor of sociology. She was the 2008-09 SBS College Teacher of the Year. Her research and teaching interests include social stratification, poverty and welfare, and race and ethnic relations. Students often characterize her courses as engaging and thought-provoking.

David Pierotti
David is a Professor in the Department of Biology. His main teaching duty involves the introductory anatomy and physiology courses designed around the needs of pre-health professional students. His research is in the area of muscle physiology in disease and rehabilitation.

Karen Mueller 
Physical Therapy

Pamela Powell
Pam Powell is an assistant professor in the College of Education. She is dedicated to helping preservice teachers learn to utilize current, inclusionary, and developmentally appropriate practices in their classrooms, which promote learning for all students. Interested in educational policies that affect students in public school settings, she has studied the practice of grade retention and its effects on the later lives of those who were retained in elementary school. In addition, she is very involved in the promotion of quality early learning opportunities for all children in the state of Arizona and our nation.

Miguel Vasquez 
Miguel Vasquez is a professor in the Department of Anthropology. Vasquez’ work in the classroom and in the community looks at the importance of human cultural diversity in achieving a sustainable and just society.