Energy Mentors

Are you interested in helping NAU reduce its environmental impacts? Become an Energy Mentor! This will give you the opportunity to join other passionate members of the NAU community who are striving to build a campus-wide culture of energy efficiency and sustainability.  

Who is an Energy Mentor?

  • Someone who is passionate about sustainability and has volunteered to support the culture of sustainability at Northern Arizona University.
  • Members of Faculty and Staff who have pledged to adopt and encourage key energy saving behaviors.

What do Energy Mentors do?

Energy Mentors are leaders who encourage other members of the campus community to reduce NAU's environmental impact.

Responsibilities include:

  • Encourage fellow faculty and staff members to adopt key energy saving behaviors
  • Hosting GNEI workshops for your department
  • Facilitate the distribution of information involving energy conservation
  • Attend and support GNEI or other sustainability events

How do I become an Energy Mentor?

Sign up and attend a two-hour training workshop to learn the basics of being an Energy Mentor by emailing