About the Environmental Caucus

Mission and Values

The Environmental Caucus facilitates creative and strategic communication across campus to advance the institutional commitment to sustainability and to promote education, research, and collaboration on the environment.

Focus: The scope and responsibilities of the caucus are defined by participants, with an overarching goal to add value to existing programs and to bring benefits to NAU’s many environmental programs and activities. All opinions and ideas are accepted.
Participation: The Caucus is open to faculty, staff, administration, students, and environmental partners of NAU. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join the Caucus. The Caucus is not directly run by a specific department or division on campus. It works closely with the Office of Sustainability, but is run separately. 
Leadership: Our inter-disciplinary work is guided by the leadership of the Steering Committee, with members approved by Caucus participants for two-year staggered terms.
Implementation: Action Teams develop recommendations and oversee implementation of projects. Recommendations are reviewed by the Steering Committee and brought to the Caucus for approval at monthly meetings.
Diversity: We value multi-cultural perspectives and engagement from diverse cultural, social and economic communities, believing this to be critical to promoting and healing the environment. We welcome participation and leadership from all ages and levels of experience on campus. The Caucus also seeks broad representation across university departments and divisions.


The Environmental Caucus is a unique grassroots voluntary association, not an administrative, academic or financial unit. Like an ecological system, the Caucus is a set of components functioning together as a whole. Its informal structure allows flexibility to create efficient and effective linkages. The Caucus is one of the few, if not the only, group on campus where students, faculty and staff interact as peers and work actively to brainstorm, share information, and put their ideas into action. In fact, one of the most effective and enjoyable aspects of the Caucus is its emphasis as a cross-disciplinary, non-hierarchical forum for communication. This structure seems to bring about a lot of creative energy, efficiency, and optimism. From students to university vice presidents, from faculty to operations staff, everyone in the Caucus plays a critical role.

Student Environmental Caucus (Green Jacks)

Both undergraduate and graduate students are involved in the Environmental Caucus. In addition, in 2009 students formed a separate but related Student Environmental Caucus (Green Jacks) to bring together the various student groups working on environmental concerns on campus.