Welcome to the Environmental Caucus

The Environmental Caucus facilitates creative and strategic communication across campus to advance the institutional commitment to sustainability and to promote education, research, and collaboration on the environment.

How to become a member of the Environmental Caucus?

  • Subscribe to the NAU Sustainability Listserve

Send a request to environmentalcaucus@nau.edu to be bi-weekly informed about a plethora of the sustainability and community-building related events and workshops that occur in Flagstaff and NAU community.

  • Join us for monthly Environmental Caucus Meetings

Please check the calendar below for the next meeting.

EC Monthly Meetings Calendar

  • Become a member of the Environmental Caucus Steering Committee 
In order to read the description of the position and to apply please follow this link.

Green Vacancies

Unfortunately there are no internship opportunities available at the moment.

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