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Northern Arizona University is partnering with Live the Solution for the new ground-breaking AZ Earn to Learn, a savings strategy and multi-faceted financial education program designed to help provide low to moderate income residents with the opportunity, incentive, and institutional support necessary for them to save for post-secondary education (College). Education is universally recognized as one of the most fundamental building blocks for human development and one of the strongest instruments for poverty reduction and revitalization of local communities from the inside out.

This program offers a $4,000 scholarship to students who successfully save $500 over a minimum 6 consecutive month period. In this program students and their families will receive personal finance training, personalized financial coaching, college readiness training, and a developed habit of savings. 

Eligibility requirements and conditions

NAU will consider the following students for the program:

Additional information

  • Match funds and savings contributions may be applied toward tuition and other college related expenses.
  • College readiness training is included as part of the NAU transfer program, NAU TRiO, and NAU STAR programs. The college readiness training requirement for the AZEL program will be satisfied by participating in these affiliate programs.
  • Students must apply for entrance and be accepted into NAU prior to receiving their match funds.
  • Completing a FAFSA application is required for this program. Students must be eligible to receive federal financial aid for the semester in which they plan to attend NAU.

Participants must also meet the AZ Earn to Learn program's minimum eligibility and program requirements.

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