The three Arizona state universities have awarded furniture contracts through a tri-University formal Request for Proposal.  The contracts provide high quality furniture products offering longevity, value, professional appearance and also include a budget line of furniture. Products offered on contract are commercial grade with extended warranties, meet or exceed standards for fire-retardant fabrics, low VOC paint finishes, ergonomic criteria including, lumbar support, hydraulic lifts and a minimum of five (5) casters for stability to prevent tipping and/or falling. Finishes on wood products are water-based and nonpolluting. 

Office furnishings and services should be selected from one of the three contracted vendors listed below; sales representatives may be contacted directly by the requesting department.  Representatives will provide additional information about specific products and pricing. 

Primary Award

Budget Award

Depending on manufacturer and product line, discounts of 50% and higher off the prices listed on the websites will apply under these contracts.

In the event changes to the facility are necessary in order to complete the furniture installation such as the addition of or moving electrical wiring, installation of carpeting, etc., the requesting department will need to coordinate the furniture installation with the NAU Capital Assets and Services department.

Orders that are less than or equal to $5,000 may be purchased from any source and processed using a Departmental Purchase Order (PD) in Advantage or Pcard; orders greater than $5,000 must be processed by completing a requisition (RQS) in Advantage to one of the contracted vendors.  Questions should be directed to Lani Parrett, Purchasing Buyer in the NAU Contracting and Purchasing Services department by email or phone 928-523-0462.