Commodity list by buyer

Carol Luckey

Assistant Director for Purchasing

Glenn Birkett

Buyer Senior 
Phone: 928-523-6094

Athletic Equipment/Game-Officials/Guarantee, Background checks, Computers/Hardware/Software/Licenses/Accessories/Maintenance, Copiers, Firearm and Ammunition, Insurance, Interview Expense, Legal service, Notary Public service, Office Equipment, Printers, Printing, Telecom, Temporary Personnel.

Maureen Lintel

Buyer Senior, P-card Administrator 
Phone: 928-523-6055

Advertising, Animals/Care/Equipment, Art Equipment, Cadavers, Consultant Services, Dental, Equipment Rental-Lease, Fees/Dues/Registration, Freight/shipping, Gallery, Guest Lecturer/Speaker/Honorarium,  Independent Contractor, Lab Chemicals, Lodging, Marketing Services, Medical, Meals, Performer, Pharmaceutical, Physical Therapy, Publishing/Publication, Radioactive material, Refund, Scientific equipment, Stipend, Teaching Supplies and Services, Tour Bus/Shuttle/Air charter services, Vehicle Supplies and Services.

Jessica Ott

Buyer Senior
Phone: 928-523-0462

Asbestos abatement, Beds/Mattresses, Building maintenance & repairs, Chemicals, Custodial, Construction, Electrical, Elevator maintenance, Facility/Classroom/Office/Storage Rental, Fencing, Fire protection, Financial Service, Floor coverings, Gutter/roofing, Hardware (not computer hardware: see computers), HVAC, Land-lease, Landscaping, Moving (not for employee moving reimbursement), Office/dorm furniture, Paint/Painting Services, Pest Control, Plants, Plumbing, Real Property-Purchase, Safety supplies, Security Services, Signage, Utilities, Waste Disposal, Window coverings.

Kate Smith

Buyer, P-card Assistant
Phone: 928-523-7921

Ambulance Service, Appliances, Audio/Video, Award/Trophies, Banners/Pennants/Flags, Books, Broadcasting, Clothing/Uniforms, Document Shredding, Donation/Contributions, Dining, Fabric/Sewing, Food, Food Equipment, Lamps, Laundry/Dry Cleaning/Linens, Mail, Maps, Musical instruments, Parking, Photography, Theatre, Vending, Ushering.

Baily Pugh, 

Small Business Utilization/Procurement Compliance Program Coordinator
Phone: 928-523-6099


Administrative Assistant
Phone: 928-523-4557