Master of Arts in Applied Communication Curriculum faculty

The MA in Applied Communication has dedicated graduate faculty who have developed a reputation for being excellent:

  • teachers
  • scholars
  • active public servants

Our faculty members are dedicating to mentoring you; they will:

  • help you develop a program of study that fits your interests
  • encourage you to be active professionals and to attend conferences and workshops
  • urge you to identify, discuss, and evaluate the ethical and social implications of communication

The graduate faculty

Dayle C. Hardy-Short, PhD

Janna Jones, PhD 

Kurt Lancaster, PhD

Norman J. Medoff, PhD

Mark Neumann, PhD

Richard Rogers, PhD

Julie Kalil Schutten, PhD 

Brant Short, PhD

Kristen Swanson, PhD 

Jon Torn, PhD 

Laura Umphrey, PhD