Ticketing Information


Northern Arizona University Comptroller's Policy CMP: 306 requires contracting and management by Northern Arizona University Central Ticket Office for:

  • all Northern Arizona University-sponsored events (such as entertainment, sports, dinner theater, etc.) for which an admission price is charged. "Northern Arizona University-sponsored" includes events sponsored/held by Northern Arizona University departments or any sub-unit thereof including student clubs.
  • any Non-Northern Arizona University Sponsored events held on campus, even though sponsored/promoted by an off-campus organization. Not covered in this policy are events to which no admission is charged, conferences, workshops, and seminars such as those conducted by Northern Arizona University Employee Development.

The applicability of this policy to other events will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Schedule ticketing services

To schedule ticketing services, the event promoter must contact the Box Office Manager, Heidi Robinson, at least 14 business days prior to the date of event publicity*.

Please contact Heidi by e-mail: Heidi.Robinson@nau.edu or by phone: 928-523-7189

*Note: all web, radio and printed publicity must be reviewed by the Box Office Manager prior to publication and before tickets go on sale.