Meet Our Team

Emily McCarthy

Emily McCarthy

Program Director

Phone: 928-523-3922

: Graduate Certificate, Career & Workforce Development, The George Washington University
Graduate Certificate, Organization Development, Marymount University
M.A. Human Performance, Marymount University
B.S. Business Administration, University of Richmond
Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

What experience most influenced your career, and how? Coming to work at NAU after many years living in Washington, DC and working in the private sector was a huge change for me. It reminded me of the importance of following your heart and intuition – when making career decisions or any other big choices.

Laurah Hagen Resume Coach Picture

Laurah Hagen

Program Coordinator, Student Outreach and Programming

Phone: 928-523-7099

: M.A., Experiential Education, Prescott College
B.A., Psychology, Whitman College
TESOL Certificate, LanguageCorps Cambodia 

What experience most influenced your career, and how? I attended a creative-arts high school that fueled passion and innovation in its students. As a teenager, it intrigued me that my friends knew what they wanted to contribute to the world, and had the confidence to pursue their dreams from a very young age. This experience led me to study positive psychology, a field focused on bringing out the best in people, and experiential education, for teaching life lessons with a lasting impact.

Jamie's Meet the Team Picture

Jamie Paul

Program Coordinator, Campus and Community Outreach


Phone: 928-523-0589

MFA Creative Writing, Northern Arizona University, in progress
MLS, Library Science, Clarion College of Pennsylvania
MA, Sociology, University of Colorado at Denver
BS, Biology, Northern Arizona University

What experiences most influenced your career, and how? 
When I came to college as an undergrad here at NAU, I was extremely shy. I learned to be not so terrified of everyone through my involvement with various campus organizations, especially a summer study abroad program in Egypt and a position as an orientation counselor. The confidence I gained allowed me to actually talk to people, which was helpful when I decided I wanted to teach. After graduation I joined Teach for America and went to Houston as a corps member. Working with students, growing up in extreme generational poverty opened my eyes to many social problems in America, and lead me to continue my education in Sociology while teaching. After ten years in the classroom I determined that institutional change for a more equitable society may be more effectively accomplished through work at the University and community levels and began to pursue work in academia.

Diana's Meet the Team Photo

Diana Sundermeyer

Coordinator, Internship Referral Center

Phone: 928-523-7335

Education:M.Ed., Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education, Western Washington University
B.S., Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy, Western Washington University
What experience most influenced your career, and how? My career got its start with an undergraduate internship/fieldwork experience that I created for myself (and that I’m still amazed I was able to talk my way into). In hindsight, I wasn’t ‘talking my way into’ anything. I was building genuine relationships and networking with other professionals based on mutual benefit. That internship was extended and eventually turned into a full-time job that I was selected for, in a field that was only loosely associated with my degree, but the transferable skills I gained through my internship made me an excellent candidate. This experience came with a lesson that has followed me throughout my career: Networking isn’t as scary as it might seem. Just take the time to get to know people; learn what they are passionate about and listen to their needs. Be your authentic, hard-working self and tell them what you are excited about. And then find a way to work together to accomplish shared goals.

April Meet The Team

April Canseco


Phone: 928-523-1087


Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice, minor in Psychology

How will your position at NAU Career Development prepare you for your future career? My position at NAU Career Development will prepare me for the future by molding me into the hard-working and goal-oriented person that is driven by the people working beside me. The passion that this team has to help others achieve their goals and better prepare themselves for the future is not something that is easily overlooked. I have my team to thank for the person/worker I am today. My first semester of my college career wasn’t the best experience, as a matter of fact I failed that semester. But my team motivated me to work hard toward my goals and achieve success. That passion, it’s contagious, and it will carry me through life and the rest of my career.