Attention students enrolled in an MEd in Special Education program!

There will be a NEW sequence of courses starting in the fall 13 semester. That means that course will be offered only once a year. Please plan your program of study accordingly to be able to graduate on time. Contact your advisor to modify the sequence of courses  in your program of study.
The new sequences of courses will be:

Special Education – High Incidence/Cross Categorical

Fall                              Spring                           Summer            Fall     
ESE 649 1st 8 wkESE 650ESE 655ESE 591 1st 12 wk         
ESE 625 2nd 8 wkESE 526ESE 580 or ESE 520   ESE 698 2nd 8wk
ESE 548ESE 608  
 ESE 548ESE 548ESE 548


Special Education – Low Incidence/Severe Profound

Fall 2013                          Spring 2014                      Summer 2014                Fall 2014
ESE 585ESE 681ESE 580ESE 594 1st 12 wk         
ESE 664ESE 657ESE 634   ESE 698 2nd 8wk
ESE 608-LIESE 608-LI  
 ESE 608-ASD  


Early Childhood Special Education

Fall 2013                          Spring 2014                      Summer 2014                Fall 2014
ESE 536ESE 556 ESE 596 1st 12 wk         
ESE 416/516ESE 608-ECHESE ECI 620   ESE 698 2nd 8wk
ESE 585ESE 657  


Special Education Non-Certified Continuing Professional

Your program will follow the above sequences of courses. Please plan accordingly.



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