Department of Educational Specialties

Department Financing Information

Our faculty has been successful in securing financial assistance for students through grants from the US Department of Education. This assistance is available for limited periods of time and is constantly changing.

  • Any College of Education graduate student may apply for a Graduate Assistantship in our department, but only Educational Specialties students may apply for a tuition waiver in our department.
  • If you are an Educational Specialties student and apply for a Graduate Assistantship, you will automatically be considered for a tuition waiver if you are not selected for a GA position.
  • A Graduate Assistantship includes a full tuition waiver that covers both in-state and out-of-state tuition.
  • Graduate Assistantship applicants must attach a current resume or CV.
  • Tuition waiver applicants must attach current unofficial transcripts.
  • Departmental tuition waivers cover in-state tuition portion for in-state applicants and out-of-state tuition portion for out-of-state/International applicants. Out-of-state/International applicants that receive a waiver will still be responsible for the in-state portion of their tuition. Out-of-state/International applicants that have their out-of-state tuition waived through another program will be ineligible to receive a tuition waiver.
  • All waiver recipients (either through GA or tuition waiver) will still be responsible for student fees. Waivers cover tuition portion only. 

Applications for GA positions and waivers are now available for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. 

Graduate Assistantship

To qualify for a Graduate Assistantship (GA), you need to:

  • be enrolled full time (9 units) and making satisfactory academic progress in any relevant graduate program
  • able to work 20 hrs. per week to fulfill the GA assignment
  • not be funded by an agency that covers tuition costs
  • have no additional employment

Tuition Waiver

To qualify for a tuition waiver, you need to: 

  • be enrolled full time (9 units) and making satisfactory academic progress in one of the Educational Specialties graduate programs
  • not be funded by an agency that covers tuition costs
  • applicants may be either an in-state, out-of-state, or international student (we have limited out-of-state/international tuition waivers)


Applications will be accepted via email to, or in person to our office in Room 106, Eastburn Education Building.

Application review will begin May 2 and continue until all positions are filled and waivers awarded.


To download application, please click here.

For more financing opportunities

Please visit the COE Financing Page.