National Occupational Competence Testing Institute (NOCTI)

What is NOCTI?

The National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) is a nonprofit educational corporation institute that provides high quality occupational competency examinations to the vocational educational community, which includes teachers, students, and members of industry.

What NOCTI can do for you

A BSED CTE student who takes and passes a NOCTI Job Ready Assessment (written and performance) will earn 35 hours of occupational experience credit towards the emphasis. 

You must have completed at least one Northern Arizona University class that is posted to a transcript prior to taking the NOCTI exam for 35 credits.

What are "job ready" assessments?

NOCTI has many types of assessments, but it is their “job ready” assessments that we use for awarding credit towards the emphasis of the degree.  Job ready assessments measure the skills of an entry-level worker or an individual who has completed course work in a secondary or post-secondary career and technical program.  Candidates are able to demonstrate that they possess the knowledge and skills that competent crafts people employ in their daily work. 

NOCTI assessments allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and talents within your chosen occupational program. Job Ready assessments are developed using business and industry standards.  The assessment must include both multiple choice and performance components to be used for NAU credit.

Written Component: The written component of the test consists of approximately two hundred multiple-choice items and requires up to three hours to complete. It covers factual knowledge, technical information, understanding of principles, and problem-solving abilities related to the occupation.

Performance Component:  The performance component of the test is administered in a laboratory, industrial, or clinical setting and consists of work assignments that require four to five hours to complete. It is designed to sample the manipulative skills required by an occupation.

What does the assessment include?

Assessment blueprints are available for all NOCTI job ready assessments.  The blueprints provide an outline of the assessment and include:

  • core competencies and tasks 
  • sample questions and jobs 
  • administration information (time, number of questions/jobs, etc.)

Check out an alphabetical list of available assessments which includes sample test questions.  Please note that this link includes all assessments that NOCTI labels “job ready” but that NAU only awards credit for those assessments that include both a written and performance component.

Taking the test

Northern Arizona University is the Arizona designated testing site.  This does not mean that the exam must be taken in Flagstaff; it just means that the university will administer the exam. Tests are scheduled throughout the year, the exact location will be determined based upon the laboratory requirements of the exam you are taking.  Exams typically are administrated in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.  Most exams take a full-day.  Exams are not scheduled until full payment is received by the University.  

If you have already completed an exam in another state, it may still be possible to receive credit.  Email your scores for evaluation.


Cost of the NOCTI exam is equal to the current enrollment semester cost for three (3) university credits and fees (resident status).  Refer to the website Student and Departmental Account Services – and choose the current enrollment semester, Undergraduate Extended Campus, Resident for applicable fees.