Tax information

Find out more about tax information in the United States.

United States federal taxes

Tax season in the United States ranges from January 1 until April 15. As mandated by U.S. laws, you must file the following tax forms:

Arizona state taxes

You are subject to Arizona income tax on all income from Arizona sources. If you are in this state for a temporary or transitory purpose, or did not live in Arizona but received income from sources within Arizona, you are subject to Arizona tax.

Income from Arizona sources includes:

  • Wages
  • Rental income
  • Business income
  • The sale of Arizona real estate
  • Interest and dividends having a taxable or business status in this state
  • Any other income from an Arizona source

For more information, or a list of available forms, please visit the Arizona Department of Revenue's website.

Help with preparation of taxes

Northern Arizona University purchases Glacier Tax Prep software, a web-based tax return preparation system designed exclusively for international students and scholars. At the beginning of every calendar year information will be sent to international students on how to access Glacier Tax Prep from anywhere in the world to file their taxes.