International House (iHouse)

Wouldn't it be great to be immersed in an international environment before you go abroad?

The International House (iHouse) is a learning community that allows Global Science and Engineering Program (GSEP) scholars to live and work together in a shared residence hall, along with international students from GSEP-featured countries. Students are eligible to live in the iHouse beginning their Sophomore year.

The iHouse is located in Campus Heights. The iHouse has its own residence director who creates a vibrant international living and learning community.

Unless there are specific requests, we aim to partner US GSEP students with international students (preferably from your chosen GSEP country) as roommates.

We strongly encourage GSEP scholars to take advantage of the support, international immersion, and fun that the iHouse offers, but we understand that some students may prefer make other housing arrangements. Thus, living in the International House remains optional.


There are many great reasons to live in the International House. You will:

  • have daily contact with fellow GSEP scholars so you can study together and keep each other motivated
  • practice your language skills with international students from the cultures and languages you are studying
  • enjoy special International House activities, such as: slide shows, information sessions, foreign moveis, international food fests, and use the communal kitchen facility to prepare international meals with other iHouse dwellers.


As a member of the GSEP, you have priority for the iHouse. However, you must still apply and be accepted.

Once you have applied to the GSEP and been notified that you were accepted, you can begin the easy process of applying to live in the iHouse.


There are no additional costs for living at the iHouse. You simply pay the regular cost for housing in the Campus Heights residence hall.