Study abroad

You’ll have the opportunity to study abroad and discover global applications to the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired as a student. The university’s Center for International Education offers exchange programs and field studies at universities and in countries around the world.

December  2014—Mainpat, INDIA

Students have already been selected for December 2014. Check for December 2015 details when available.

Faculty contact: Prof. Linda Paul

December 13-20, 2014—Guatemala—Currently recruiting

March 2015 Spring Break—Guatemala—Currently recruiting

These two global health care programs will take place at Santa Maria de Jesus Clinica, Antigua, Guatemala. Please view these brief videos from spring 2014 study abroad opportunity:

NAU in Santa Maria de Jesus 17-21 March, 2014.

NAU served more than 1,067 patients in Santa Maria de Jesus.

Faculty contact: Dr. Dot Dunn

Spring 2015—HAN University of Applied Sciences Semester Abroad Exchange

This is an opportunity for NAU Nursing traditional pre-license students in the final semester of their program to spend a semester of study abroad at HAN University of Applied Sciences Institute of Nursing Sciences in Nijmegen, Netherlands. The pre-application is due no later than September 15, 2014. Click on the link for full instructions on how to apply. For further information about the program, click here to view a Power Point Presentation about this study abroad exchange. The Center for International Education (see link above) also has information about this opportunity.

Faculty contact: Dr. Karen Plager

Summer 2015—Field Work Experience in Health and Health Care Systems in Rural Tanzania

Watch for more details about this exciting summer study abroad opportunity that is being developed.

Faculty contact: Dr. Karen Plager