Application Instructions

Your application packet should contain the following printed forms:

  1. official transcripts from every university and/or college you have attended notice of received application  
  2. application checklist  
  3. paper application—read the online instructions. You can fill out the application form online. The completed form will be e-mailed to you, or you can print it from this page. Include it in your application packet.

Deadline for receiving applications

March 31 is the deadline for receiving applications. Materials postmarked after this deadline will not be accepted.

College transcripts

You must submit one official transcript of your academic record from each college or university you have attended. The transcript can be considered official only if it is unopened in the institution's envelope and stamped with the seal of the college or university.

College transcript process
  1. Complete an academic transcript request form for every college or university you’ve attended.
  2. Send the completed form to the registrar of each college or university you have attended. Be aware that most universities will charge you for this service, so be sure to contact them about their fee.
  3. When the completed academic record form and transcripts are returned to you in the sealed envelope by the registrar, place these UNOPENED envelopes in a large envelope along with your other application materials.
  4. If you are enrolled in college during the most recent fall semester/quarter, the transcripts that you request MUST contain your fall semester final grades for your application to be considered – Request transcripts from your institution immediately upon completion of the fall semester/quarter.
College catalogs (important info for transfer students)

In order to evaluate the college transcripts that you will submit for application into our program, we must have a catalog that describes your prerequisite science courses from each of the colleges or universities that you have attended.

We have all of the catalogs for the community colleges and the universities located in Arizona. If you’ve taken courses outside of Arizona, please send a copy of a catalog for each institution you have attended to the department; we accept photocopied pages with the course descriptions on them. 

Notice of received application
Complete the top portion of the received application notice. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope with this notice. It will be sent to you to verify receipt of your application or identify any additional credentials needed.
Admission to Northern Arizona University

If you are accepted into the Dental Hygiene program and are not currently enrolled at the university, you must also be admitted to Northern Arizona University This is a separate application procedure; contact Undergraduate Admissions for information and an undergraduate application.

It is not necessary to be admitted to the university prior to applying to the Dental Hygiene program. However, admission to the university is required in order to begin the Dental Hygiene program. You will need to send OFFICIAL transcripts to the university’s registrar. The registrar will not accept photocopies from the Dental Hygiene Department.

Notification of acceptance
Notification of acceptance to the Dental Hygiene program will be sent to applicants by the end of April. If you’re accepted, you must forward a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $500, which will be applied toward the cost of your dental hygiene instruments for the first year of the program. You must do so within two weeks from the date of our acceptance letter.
Additional program requirements

You will also be required to provide:

  • finger print clearance
  • immunizations records
  • current vision exam
  • CPR training certification
  • HIPPA compliance