Who gets in?

Because our MS program maintains a close student-faculty interaction, we accept only 30 full-time and 30 part-time summers-only students per year.

Here’s who we accepted in 2015:



Part-time Summers-Only

32% of applicants41% of applicants
GPA average was 3.67GPA average was 3.35
Average GRE verbal percentile was 65Average GRE verbal percentiles was 42
Average GRE quantitative percentile was 45Average GRE quantitative percentiles was 29
Average GRE writing percentiles was 66Average GRE writing percentile was 52


Application process

International students

International applicants applying with the F1 or J1 visa status may apply for the CSD Full-Time Regular track or the Full-Time Leveler track only.  F1 or J1 students may not apply to the Part-Time Summers-Only track.  For detailed information, contact  For more information, please refer to the following links:


Prospective student 

Be sure you have read the important information on the Prospective Student document in the blue menu bar before proceeding.  Ready to apply? Here’s what you need:



All applicants are required to submit GRE scores to both NAU Graduate College (code:  NAU 4006) and CSDCAS (code:  6964 Northern Arizona U CSDCAS).  The GRE scores cannot be more than five years old.

Two applications are required 

You are required to submit two separate applications—one through the CSD Centralized Application Service (CSDCAS) and the other through the NAU Graduate College.  Follow all of the steps below to ensure that you complete all of your application requirements.

Please note, on Section 4 of the NAU Graduate Application at the bottom of the page, it states "go back to page 1 and make sure your campus says 'online'".  This is no longer a requirement;  you do not need to make a campus change on page 1.  


Requirements for each application 

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all materials are submitted to CSDCAS and the NAU Graduate College by January 15.  Refer to the three sections below:  1)  CSDCAS, 2) NAU Graduate College and 3) Application Dates. 

1.  CSDCAS  

CSDCAS Customer Service Information:  Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.  Phone:  617-612-2030.  Email:
CSDCAS Applicant Portal Link: 
CSDCAS Address:  CSDCAS Verification Department.  P.O. Box 9113.  Watertown, MA  02471.
Submission requirements:
  • personal essay explaining your reasons for applying  
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities you attended, including any college prep class or international class.  All official transcripts must be sent directly to CSDCAS from the colleges or universities to:  CSDCAS Verification Department, PO Box 9113, Watertown, MA  02471.
  • GRE scores sent from ETS to CSDCAS using code:  6964 Northern Arizona U CSDCAS
  • letters of recommendation 
  • Check your CSDCAS application progress weekly until it says, "mailed". The application must proceed through the statuses of "Complete", "Verified" and "Mailed" before it is available for review by NAU.  

2.  NAU Graduate College 

  • NAU application link and CSDCAS application link are listed in the next section.
  • NAU Application for Admission, select "Flagstaff Mountain" as the campus option.  If you do not receive a confirmation email immediately after submitting your NAU application, go back into your electronic application and make sure you have completed the SUBMIT process.  To confirm whether you have completed an application, check your Activity Log using your use name at  If you cannot remember your log-in or password, please access the appropriate links at https://www.applyweb/com/apply/northazg/.  Technical support for the online application can be sought at  If you continue to have questions about your NAU application, please contact the NAU Graduate Admissions office at 928-523-4348.  
  • GRE test results (within the last 5 years).  REQUIRED.  All applicants are required to use the NAU Graduate College institution code---NAU 4006--- when reporting GRE scores.  The GRE scores cannot be more than five years old.  CSD does not specify minimum GRE scores but uses values from all three sections of the general GRE to rank applicants.  We recommend that you prepare thoroughly for the exam.  You may take the GRE multiple times.  Your best score is the one that is used from each subtest.  Subtest scores below the 20%-ile are not competitive.
  • Unofficial transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended must be uploaded to your NAU application.  If accepted, you will then need to submit official transcripts before you can register for classes.  It will be your responsibility to remember this.
  • List of CSD program prerequisite courses taken.

3.  Application Dates and Links 

September 17, 2015 

By November 15, 2015 

  • We recommend that you take the GRE  to insure that your scores are received at NAU and CSDCAS before the January 15 application deadline.  Have ETS send your GRE scores to NAU 4006 and 6964 Northern Arizona U CSDCAS.  
  • Notify your academic and professional references to expect an e-mail from CSDCAS. 
  • Request that each college and university you attended send official transcripts to CSDCAS.  This includes college prep and international courses.  

By January 15, 2016 

  • Deadline to E-Submit applications for admission through CSDCAS and NAU Graduate College. This includes official transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal essay, and GRE scores. Deadline is precisely at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard time (8:59 PM Pacific Standard time)!  NOTE:  Both application deadlines are set, even though the electronic CSDCAS application may remain open for other purposes.

By March 31, 2016 

  • Acceptance offers are emailed to students.

Full-Time and Full-Time Leveler Tracks begin in the Fall session (August) and the Part-time Summers-Only Track begins in the Summer session (June).